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Period You Have To Request Retirement From Social Security

This is the period you have to request retirement from Social Security. The institution establishes a specific period for this procedure. If it is exceeded, the retroactivity will only be three months.

Once we reach the final stage of our working life, we do it with retirement in mind, but to carry out this process in the best way, we must request it within the corresponding deadlines.

The Social Security has informed in its profile of the social network Twitter that the worker has to request retirement during the three months prior or the three months immediately after cessation of work , the day that is marked as from which retirement has effects.

The agency also explains that, if these deadlines are exceeded, the worker will only have the right to a maximum retroactivity of three months. In other words, you will be paid for just three months of retirement even though the causative event, that is, the termination of work, occurred earlier.

However, the worker must request retirement to the relevant Social Security body. The institution allows this procedure to be carried out both in person and through the Administration’s telematic channels, even without a digital certificate .

To do this, you must meet the fundamental requirements for retirement: have contributed a minimum of 15 years (of which two must be in the last 15 years), be registered with Social Security or in an assimilated situation and comply the ordinary retirement age (65 years if you have 37 years and three months of contributions, 66 years for the rest).

In the event that the worker retires early (up to two years before the ordinary retirement age), he must face reduction coefficients that vary depending on the advance payment time and the years of contributions, and which will reduce the amount of the resulting retirement pension.


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