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Most Demanded Real Estate Assets After The Pandemic

The pandemic has impacted all economic sectors. However, the real estate market has shown resilience to the health situation and is facing its recovery. In this way, real estate assets such as logistics, the hotel sector and food retail are in the focus of demand from investors .

There are different specific reasons why this type of real estate arouses special interest among investors, as indicated by Laborde Marcet. “After times of economic crisis, large investors look for values ​​that ensure profitability in the medium or long term and, without a doubt, with good advice and paying attention to market trends, it is possible to identify which assets are the most profitable they can contribute, “explains Gerard Marcet, founding partner of the real estate consultancy Laborde Marcet.

The growth of services linked to e-commerce supports the boom in investment in logistics . In this sense, Miquel Laborde, founding partner of Laborde Marcet, assures that “the new consumption habits show that investment in logistics platforms is, for the moment, a sure success that will bring returns to investors”. Specifically, it recognizes that this attraction corresponds to “the need of small and large companies to offer delivery services (B2B and B2C) in accordance with current market demands”.

The real estate consultancy highlights the interest in hotel assets, recognizing that the impact caused by the pandemic in the sector is an opportunity for investors . “Many of the hotel companies have not been able to resist the crisis situation and that has caused a drop in the current prices of this type of property, ” says Laborde. In this sense, the expert predicts a good prognosis for this type of assets in the coming months, since the improvement of the health situation and the return to normality will bring with it a boom in tourism, the celebration of fairs and congresses and other type of social and cultural activities that will strengthen the situation of the hotel sector.

Finally, the retail supply is one of the highlights of real estate values . Ángela Sánchez, Director of Retail at Laborde Marcet, acknowledges that this is due to “the resilience that this sector has shown in the face of the Covid-19 crisis.” And is that despite the situation of economic instability, food distribution has proven to be a primary service.


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