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Michelin Presents Its Range Of Agricultural Tires At Portuguese AgroGlobal Fair

Michelin, leader in the agricultural tire segment, is committed to AgroGlobal, the largest agricultural fair in Portugal that will open its doors from September 7 to 9.

The Michelin group will be present with a wide range of high-performance tires with complementary solutions, which offer maximum performance accompanied by efficient and sustainable productivity, becoming a key element in transmitting power, traction and respecting the ground.

Michelin has a wide range of tires with complementary solutions that allow farmers to achieve their goals with minimal impact on the environment. Under its premise “Beyond the tire to protect the soil” , Michelin experts work to offer innovative solutions that allow farmers to produce more and better, facilitating their daily life and improving their productivity and the performance of their business, which It means producing efficiently and sustainably.

Michelin is a leader and the key to its leadership lies in manufacturing tires capable of maintaining high performance in any situation, we are talking about versatile tires adapted to the tractor so that it can perform different tasks throughout its crop cycle, because for Michelin the sector agricultural is key . And that is why Michelin focuses its strategy and innovation on respecting the ground, respecting our environment, manufacturing tires that are 100% sustainable with very high-quality raw materials, which help meet their challenge “All Michelin tires will be sustainable in 2050 ” .

At AgroGlobal, you can see and analyze the range of tires in the sector, the result of close collaboration and teamwork between the brand and its customers. At Michelin, each tire has its specificities and, in the case of agricultural tires, the balance is achieved by developing long-lasting compounds, which offer a high level of traction in the field as well as good performance on the road . All this thanks to the constant evolution of high-tech materials used in the production process.

And as each tire has its own characteristics, depending on the use for which it is designed, Michelin specialists will explain first-hand the benefits of the different products that the brand brings to AgroGlobal.

Tires as different from each other as the MICHELIN AXIOBIB 2, with Michelin Ultraflex technology, or the MICHELIN ROADBIB, the solution for use on hard terrain or displacement, MICHELIN TRAILXBIB designed specifically for towed machinery or implements , your centralized inflation solution PTG and also caterpillar conversion solutions from Camso, which joined Michelin in 2018 to develop solutions to improve soil protection and crop productivity.

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