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Luxembourg Fines Amazon 746 Million For Breaching EU Data Protection Rules

The Luxembourg National Data Protection Commission (CNPD) has imposed a penalty of 746 million euros on Amazon Europe Core, considering that the processing of personal data by the multinational did not comply with the Union’s data protection regulations European.

“We believe that the CNPD’s decision lacks merit and we intend to vigorously defend ourselves in this matter,” said the electronic commerce company about the sanction, communicated on July 16, which represents the highest fine imposed to date in Europe. regarding data protection.

“We totally disagree with the ruling and we intend to appeal,” added the company, for which the CNPD’s decision is based “on subjective and unproven interpretations of the European privacy law,” noting that the fine proposal “is totally disproportionate even with that interpretation.”

Likewise, Amazon has defended that its main priority is to preserve the security of its customers’ information and their trust in the company, highlighting that, in this case, there has not been a security breach and no customer data has been exposed to third parties. “These facts are beyond all doubt”, has affirmed.

The Luxembourg agency has carried out this investigation against Amazon because the multinational’s European headquarters is located in the Grand Duchy.

European data protection laws contemplate the possibility of fining up to 4% of annual income to companies that violate the rules.

On the other hand, Amazon reported that in the second quarter of 2021 it obtained a net profit of 7,778 million dollars (6,550 million euros), 48.3% more than between April and June 2020, which rose to 15,885 million of dollars (13,778 million euros) the profits of the multinational in the first half of the year, 104% more than in the same period of the previous year.

Between April and June, the net sales of the company founded by Jeff Bezos reached 113,080 million dollars (95,233 million euros), 27.2% more. Thus, in the first half of 2021, Amazon sales totaled 221,598 million dollars (186,623 million euros), 34.8% more.

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