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List Of The New World Records Signed By Spaniards In 2021

On the occasion of the celebration of Guinness World Records Day, the organization has carried out a review of the new national records that have achieved their place among the pages of the 68th edition of the Guinness Book of Records. Then some of elo

Alejandro Soler, more muscle-ups on rings in an hour
On February 1, 2021, Alejandro Soler Tarí performed 156 muscle-ups on rings in Alicante. In this exercise, a true challenge of strength and endurance, the athlete has to get up from the ground holding on to a pair of gymnastic rings, stretch the arms until the torso is above the rings and descend to the ground before repeating the set of movements. Alejandro also held the record for the most push-ups in a minute carrying a 100-pound pack: 49.

The largest nativity scene in Alicante
If we add the heights of each figure, the giant version of the holy family commissioned by the Alicante city council measures 54.89 m, as could be confirmed on December 1, 2020. The largest sculpture is that of San José, with 18 , 05 m. The ensemble, which broke a record in force for more than 20 years, is the work of local artist José Manuel García, who dedicated two months of work to it.

Christian López, more time with a bicycle balanced on his chin
On April 25, 2020, Christian Roberto López Rodríguez balanced a bicycle on his chin for 9 minutes and 41.29 seconds in Toledo. On December 30, 2020, he set the record for the most grapes thrown and caught with his mouth juggling in one minute (couple): 32, with María Azucena Calderón Pascual-Muerte.

Most simultaneous viewers on a Twitch broadcast
On January 11, 2021, David TheGrefg Cánovas Martínez reached a peak audience of 2,468,668 simultaneous viewers on Twitch in Alhama de Murcia. This livestream was planned to unveil his new Fortnite skin, and included a countdown (during which the number of viewers kept increasing) to the moment of the big reveal.

Between May 29, 2019 and May 28, 2020, the sports newspaper Diario AS published 84 letters to the editor written by Enrique Stuyck Romá. The prolific Enrique’s missives have appeared in more than 60 different newspapers around the country. The first of them, a satirical piece about his namesake Enrique Iglesias, appeared in El País Semanal on January 19, 2003, and since then more than 3,000 of his letters have reached the press.

Álvaro Martín Mendieta, the fastest time to put the laces on a pair of shoes and tie them
On August 7, 2020, Álvaro Martín Mendieta only needed 31.96 seconds to put the laces on a pair of shoes and tie them in Rivas Vaciamadrid. On the same day, he also achieved the record with a single shoe: 15.51 s. On December 3, 2019, he set the records for the fastest time to tie three pairs of shoes (11.32 s) and for the most number of shoes to tie blindly in one minute: 19. But Mendieta’s records are not limited to his skill with his fingers; On November 17, 2020, he took the ping-pong kick from the furthest distance: 14.86 m.

Michael Ferreri, the elite of jugglers
His roster of records includes the most 360-degree spins juggling five objects in three minutes (56, January 26, 2021) and four objects in one minute (26, June 23, 2019). On November 2, 2020, he added the most touches of the ball with his head juggling three objects: 508.

Pedro Elis Cinta, more time juggling five basketballs
On September 7, 2020, Pedro Elis Cinta kept five basketballs in the air for 1 min and 14.36 s in Osuna, Seville. Previously, Pedro had set this same record three times: 37.46 seconds in 2009, 42.97 seconds in 2012 and 51.36 seconds in 2014. On November 2 of the same year, Pedro achieved the record for the most juggling catches. with three basketballs in one minute: 249, also in Seville.

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