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Letter From Lidl That Affects All Customers Of The Monsieur Cuisine Kitchen Robot

If a product par excellence has marked the future of Lidl in the last year, that has been Monsieur Cuisine . The kitchen robot launched by the German company and which was involved in a controversy with Thermomix , has a pending notice that affects all its customers and its operation.

In a boom to make the kitchen more simplified every day, the demand for kitchen machines has increased in recent years. Very much driven, in addition, by the Thermomix business , the Vorwerk machine has reached thousands of Spanish homes and has created so much trend that it constantly replicates it.

One of the most successful is the one promoted by Lidl and which ended in court with a defeat for the supermarket chain. Nevertheless, is still present in the culinary routines of many families … and even the smallest thanks to a Monsieur Cuisine toy version .

A letter from Lidl that could kill your account
But it is in its popularity that this tool has hit a hard bone lately. Specifically with a transfer pass completely to Lidl , as of November 21, the chain’s headquarters will manage everything that refers to Monsieur Cuisine data.

Among this information, the data of the users, they have already received an email to confirm that they consent to this step of management to Lidl Stiftung. A simple management that, yes, has negative consequences for those who ignore or reject it.

Even if the account is deleted, it is possible to create a new profile … although it would start from scratch
These accounts will be eliminated on November 21 , with the respective abandonment of use that will mean for all the information stored in the Monsieur Cuisine user profile. Of course, Lidl has reported that all those who have been eliminated from its database will be able to create a new profile, although it will obviously start from scratch.

For any relevant doubt or question, the German company has left the email [email protected] where users can contact to solve any problem with their kitchen robot. One of the most popular Monsieur Cuisine on the market, now undergoing a data transfer to be fully managed from Lidl itself.

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