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Laporta presses the nuclear button of the revolution in Barca

The hierarchy and the rule of the players are over. Or that, at least, tries to shout Joan Laporta, the new president of Barça, who began to place the epitaph of a cycle already finished a couple of years ago – everything was destroyed in Anfield -, although Bartomeu avoided undertaking it until he let it explode in his own hands with 2-8 Lisbon. Messi is the only one who is not touched.

There is only money to try to renew the captain ( Neymar has already signed for Paris SG and Haaland is forbidden fruit, as announced by TV-3) because the others, including the sacred cows, have an open exit door in a pandemic market, with the Difficulty involved in any revolution of this magnitude. Laporta activated the nuclear button without a euro in the box and without a plan, or at least that is visible until now.

Laporta did not give names. Nor did he focus exclusively on Koeman , placed under suspicion after the “incomprehensible”, that was the word chosen by the president, collapse in the League, with only five points out of 15 possible throwing any option to aspire to the double. Pending the continuity of the Dutch technician of a weak thread, unless the leader of a turn to his initial idea.

Rather, Laporta broadened his gaze to direct the light towards the footballers who have seen three coaches parade ( Valverde , Setién and Koeman ) in just 16 months, maintaining the same and serious structural defect that has transformed Barça into a losing team. It has only been enough to win a Cup in two years.

“Starting next week you will see a series of decisions to have a more competitive team,” announced Laporta, terribly conditioned by the terrible economic crisis that is drowning the club. Laporta spoke, yes, a few hours after it was known that Goldman Sachs injected 500 million euros to provide artificial respiration and pay bills immediately.

In that “series of decisions” the new president seeks to air, now yes, the stale air of a locker room, which Bartomeu did not dare to enter. Laporta has done it in these two months, much closer to the players, especially those he met in his first stage.

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