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KFC Opens Pop-Up Hotel In London For Fried Chicken Lovers

KFC opens pop-up hotel in London for fried chicken lovers. Guests can get up to $ 139 of free chicken. Themed inspired by fried chicken.

For lovers of fried chicken, KFC’s new pop-up hotel in London is a dream come true. With a theme inspired by fried chicken , the hotel “The House of Harland” offers guests room service with all the menu items of the fast food chain and the possibility of getting up to 139 dollars (almost 120 euros) of Free chicken during your stay.

The pop-up hotel will be open for just 11 nights, from August 18 to 29 – in honor of the number of herbs and spices in its flagship recipe – and a one-night stay costs $ 154 (about 130 euros). Reservations can be made through Hotels.com .

The experience begins with a pick-up service in a black Cadillac, which KFC calls the “Colonelmóvil,” which transfers customers to the pop-up hotel, where they are greeted by their own “chick-in” employee (pun on chicken , chicken, and check in , registration).

Then, the lovers of fried chicken are taken to their rooms, where each of the elements of it is inspired by their great passion, from bedding, to wallpaper or bath towels. Additionally, guests can enjoy a private cinema room and an arcade machine.

KFC will donate all funds raised from your pop-up hotel to its KFC Foundation.


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