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Jazz And Roche Will Try Pharmamar’s Antitumor

PharmaMar’s lung cancer promise, Zepzelca, could be on the verge of multiplying its current sales. The partner of the Spanish pharmaceutical company, Jazz, has begun a clinical trial with Roche in which it seeks to move from a second line of treatment, where it is now, to a first choice in combination with the anti-tumor star of the Swiss pharmaceutical company: tecentriq. As this medium has learned, the study will compare the results of jointly administering both drugs with the improvements provided by the Roche drug alone, which today is the first choice in lung cancer.

PharmaMar has high hopes for this new cancer drug. Once commercial maturity with Yondelis has been reached, the Spanish firm wants Zepzelca to provide a new boost to its accounts, as has already happened with those presented in the third quarter by the company. Today, the drug has conditional approval in the United States and is present in other markets such as Australia, Canada, Singapore and the United Arab Emirates.

Along with this trial that Jazz and Roche will begin, PharmaMar also has a full calendar to position the drug in the best possible way. On the one hand, the company will shortly begin the clinical trial to obtain final approval in the United States. If they are successful, the result could facilitate their entry into Europe, where the company has to reformulate its strategy after a first refusal from the European Medicines Agency.

In unison, PharmaMar will also present the first results of a study this week as the same Roche drug, but for the second line. This is done to secure the market against possible failures that could occur in the rest of the clinical trials. The first data from this clinical trial, according to the director of the study, Santiago Ponce, specialist in Medical Oncology of Lung Cancer at the Hospital Internacional HC Marbella, “is very good in terms of activity together with a toxicity profile that is manageable” .

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