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Initially Approved The Reform Project Of Avenida de Cataluña In Zaragoza

The Government of Zaragoza has approved this Friday, November 5, initially, the reform project of Avenida de Cataluña between Z-30 and the railway overpass, next to Calle Veintitrés de Abril. The project will now go to public information for a period of fifteen days and, once the possible allegations have been resolved, it will proceed to its final approval.

“After ten years, the project for the comprehensive reform of the Avenida de Catalunya is a reality,” congratulated the municipal minister for Infrastructures, Patricia Cavero.

The reform, which will involve an investment of 4.5 million euros, involves launching “a historic claim”, said Cavero.

The municipal councilor has indicated that, after the approval in the municipal plenary session this Friday, the process begins “to turn this old road into a tree-lined avenue, with wide accessible sidewalks, with rest areas and, above all, much safer for your neighbors. “

Cavero has advanced that the municipal forecast is “to begin the works throughout the next year”, once the public information period is fulfilled and the project is put out to tender.

“It is going to be a comprehensive reform, of almost half a kilometer of avenue between the Z-30 and the railway overpass,” said the municipal councilor, who confirmed that “the two lanes of traffic in each direction will be maintained to guarantee the mobility”.

He has announced that “a two-meter-wide median will be created with vegetation that will act as a refuge space for pedestrians” while they wait to cross the avenue.

Cavero has indicated that the reform will provide this road with “wide sidewalks, between ten and twelve meters, where more than twenty garden areas and about eighty trees will be distributed”, which will help to “substantially improve the environmental quality of the street” .

The avenue will have a segregated bike lane from the road. This lane will be separated from the road traffic zone and the parking area by a range of 1.2 to 1.6 meters.

Infrastructure renovation
The comprehensive reform of Avenida Cataluña will also involve the renewal of all the water and sanitation pipes that run underground, some of them more than half a meter in diameter.

In total, 23,890 square meters of surface will be intervened along 477.8 meters of avenue. The works are scheduled to begin in 2022 and will last for 14 months.

San Miguel reform
The Government of Zaragoza has also approved at its meeting this Friday the final project for the comprehensive reform of Calle San Miguel, between Jerónimo Blancas and Comandante Repollés.

With an investment of more than 1 million euros, this renovation will enhance its commercial character by expanding the space for pedestrians, reducing road traffic and incorporating benches and green elements.

For this, the single platform will be extended, with a sidewalk and road at the same level, and road traffic will be reduced by reorganizing the direction of some streets. To improve the landscaping, flower beds with seasonal plants and shrubs will be placed and the four trees at the crossings will be maintained.

The vegetation will be arranged in flowerpots with integrated benches, which will also allow for rest spaces for pedestrians.

The final project incorporates the prescriptions of the Provincial Heritage Commission, so that the pavement will be in gray tones, instead of earth colors, to harmonize with the environment and the geometric motifs will be simplified.

The work, which is part of Operation Calles, will go out to tender in the coming weeks and it is expected that the works will begin in the first quarter of 2022 and will be developed in phases.

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