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Indigenous People Arrest And Simulate Hanging A Mexican Politician

Indigenous people from the Mexican state of Chiapas (southeast) held back several hours and pretended to hang a municipal candidate from the party of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador , as a measure of pressure to pay a fine for failing to carry out works when he was a deputy.

Tzotzil Indians of the Los Llanos community were the ones who practically “put the rope around the neck” of the candidate of the ruling National Regeneration Movement (Morena, left) for the municipal presidency of San Cristóbal de las Casas, Juan Salvador Camacho, for failure to carry out works .

Although the event occurred last Sunday, it was this Wednesday when the episode was released through two videos that circulated on networks and that were taken with a phone.

On Sunday afternoon, the candidate and 21 companions arrived for a scheduled appointment in the community of Los Llanos, about 20 minutes from San Cristóbal de Las Casas. According to sources, the former local deputy arrived with the intention of making his government proposal known, but was detained for more than five hours until he paid a fine, which was set by the residents, “for failure to speak.”

The videos show how the candidate was pressured, detained, barefoot and tied up by a dozen men, who took him to the foot of a tree, where they hung the rope, a situation that caused him to look worried and where he promised to pay. the fine imposed.

After several minutes with the rope around his neck, the politician agreed to pay the amount of money they demanded and it was at that moment that the community authorities released him from the gallows. After the rope was removed, the man was taken to a room while his release and that of his work team were being negotiated.

According to versions of the locals, on the same Sunday the detainee paid the 300,000 pesos (about 15,000 dollars) and, although that version was denied by the candidate, in the videos it can be seen that there was dialogue and that he promised to give money in exchange for your release.

Mexico will have the largest elections in its history on June 6, when 93.5 million are called to vote for the 500 federal deputies, 15 of 32 state governors, 30 local congresses and 1,900 city councils.

According to the consulting firm Etellekt, during the 2021 electoral process, which began in September last year, at least 80 politicians have been assassinated , 32 of whom were candidates or candidates in local elections . With this, the figure of 62 politicians murdered in the midterm elections of 2015 has already been surpassed and it is more than half of the 152 deaths in 2018, when there were presidential, legislative and local elections.

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