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Government Transfers To Aragon The Remaining 120 Million Of Extraordinary Fund For CCAA

The Ministry of Finance and Public Function will transfer to the autonomous communities and to Ceuta and Melilla 30 percent of the extraordinary fund of 13,486 million euros in accordance with the adjusted population criteria, of which Aragon will receive a total of 120,759,336 euros.

In this way, the amount to be distributed among the territories amounts to 4,046 million euros, as reported by the Ministry of Finance and Public Function in a press release.

That amount is in addition to the 9,440 million euros that were already distributed last September, equivalent to 70 percent of the total fund, of which the Aragonese community corresponded an amount of 281,771,784 euros.

This distribution is made in accordance with what was decided at the last Fiscal and Financial Policy Council held on July 28. This additional and extraordinary transfer to the autonomous communities, which is outside the financing system, had already been communicated to the regional governments in autumn 2020 and was contemplated in the General State Budgets for 2021.

With this fund, the Government assumes an important part of the autonomic deficit. This will allow the autonomous communities to have greater liquidity to face the economic consequences of COVID-19 and to provide quality public services.

Distribution by adjusted population
The distribution of these resources between the regions and the autonomous cities is carried out with the adjusted population criterion. This is the formula chosen by the majority of autonomous governments after the Ministry of Finance and Public Function, following the principle of co-governance and the greatest consensus, opened a process of dialogue with the autonomous communities to find out which distribution criteria they preferred to apply. to distribute the fund.

Specifically, in accordance with the Royal Decree approved in August, the criterion followed for the Communities under the common regime is the definitive adjusted population for 2020, calculated in accordance with the variables and weights provided for in Law 22/2009, by the that the financing system is regulated.

The allocation to the Basque Country and Navarra responds to the adjusted population of 2020 that would result from applying to all the autonomous communities, including the provincial ones, the variables and weightings provided for in Law 22/2009, which regulates the financing system of the autonomous communities of common regime and Cities with Statute of Autonomy.

Important Resources
This extraordinary fund is added to the 105,589 million euros corresponding to the payments on account of this year 2021, a high figure included in the autonomous financing system, to the 8,963 million of the payment of the liquidation of the system, corresponding to the year 2019, and another 7,000 million euros corresponding to the direct aid that the autonomous territories have received to reinforce the solvency of SMEs and the self-employed affected by the pandemic.

Also this year the communities have received 8,000 million from the ‘React’ fund. As for 2022, the territories will also have significant resources, estimated at 126,508 million euros. Specifically, 108,792 million are allocated corresponding to the resources of the financing system, 10,712 million in European funds – adding the ‘React’ – and 7,004 million euros in extraordinary transfers, regardless of the financing system, a figure that is of the sum of the coverage of the negative settlements of 2020 and the compensation for the SII VAT.

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