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Farmaindustria rules out supply problems in its companies

The pharmaceutical industry rules out that the supply crisis that affects several producing sectors will have an impact on their sector. This was cleared yesterday by the president of the Farmaindustria employer, Juan López Belmonte, to questions from this medium.

“There is not a general problem in the sector like the one that the automobile or the paint is suffering in summer,” he said. In any case, he warned that the global situation is unstable. “Although the pharmaceutical industry does not suffer from any supply problems today, this may change tomorrow because the situation is very changeable,” he added.

However, he did accept that there are occasionally tensions in materials that are used such as plastic derivatives or filters. In fact, the American company Moderna already warned a week ago that it will not be able to have all the doses it planned for this 2021. “In plastics and filters that come from Southeast Asia, there is a tension,” he acknowledged.

Another of the news that was known yesterday was the date of the publication of the Vanguard Health Report. Industry sources confirmed to this medium that it will be next Monday the 15th when the Government presents the master lines of the reindustrialization plan. From there, the negotiations between the Executive and Farmaindustria will intensify so that everything is ready in the first half of 2022, as scheduled.

On the other hand, López-Belmonte regretted that the stability program sent by the Government to Brussels ruled out reaching 7% of GDP in healthcare investment, as promised by the Executive at the beginning of the legislature. “The pandemic has shown that investment in health is needed. It is no coincidence that the majority of approved vaccines come from across the ocean,” he said. the boss of the employer’s association.

Farmaindustria once again insisted that in Spain there is a problem of access to pharmaceutical innovation. According to the data published by the Wait report a few months ago, only half of the drugs approved by Europe are available in Spain. Yesterday, both López-Belmonte and Humberto Arnés, general director of the employer’s association, agreed that the Ministry of Health must remodel its financing system.

“The evaluation procedure and price can be improved, it must be more agile. Predictable criteria must also be introduced. There is a specific issue due to the pandemic but there is a structural problem. The commercial relationship between company and health does not begin until the evaluation process clinical and economic, which is done sequentially, ends, “he said. For his part, López-Belmonte added that “

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