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Curved Comfort

Want to know how you can boost that cosy-factor in your home? We’re calling it – curved comfort. Kickstarting in the 60s/70s as a mid-century modern movement, curved furniture took over homes across the globe. However, those round edges and smooth lines have bounced back into action with looks that are serving up style. Contour your home with elements that will create a relaxing aesthetic. Think soft furnishings laced with materials that make you sink-in comfort, in earth tones that keep the space muted and calm. 

Our Effie armchair will fit effortlessly into your bedroom or living room, and is sure to become your favourite seat in the house. It’s curved backrest and boucle finish adds texture and shape to your interior. Want to start off with something smaller? Introduce new lighting fixtures to bring ambience as well as design, reflecting the mood you want to set at home with the Olivia table lamp. 

Cue the curves in your kitchen and dining area. There are many advantages to having round tables in your home, they create a better flow of movement and take up less space. If you are thinking of getting a dining table but working with a smaller room, our Hudson dining table is for you! Complement these elements with accessories and home decor that’ll reflect the beauty of those curved designs and your home will be a relaxed fit for you in no time.

Celine Kitchen Stool, Taupe Boucle & Black £139

Roma Side Table, Grey Marble & Black £139

Hudson 4 Seat Dining Table, Black Marble & Black £799

Effie Accent Chair, Ivory White Boucle & Black £349

At Cult Furniture you can choose from a wide range of modern & contemporary furniture, lighting, and artwork to create the perfect mood and ambience in your home, restaurant, hotel or office.


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