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Coronavirus In The Basque Country Restrictions And Number Of Cases

Coronavirus in the Basque Country: Last minute on restrictions and number of cases.

The number of infected by coronavirus in Euskadi amounts to 195,258 people, with 4,395 deaths.

The coronavirus epidemic continues in the Basque Country . The number of cases of infected by the covid-19 in this community amounts to 195,258 , with 4,395 dead , according to latest official data.

A team of health workers treats a patient admitted to the ICU of the Sant Pau Hospital in Barcelona.

Coronavirus today May 20: this is the situation
Regarding the restrictions, both the perimeter closures and the curfew decrease and the limitation of the groups to 4 people is eliminated. The hotel business must close at 10 pm and it is still forbidden to consume at the bar or standing – At each table, a maximum of 4 people. Nightlife establishments remain closed, as well as gastronomic societies, youth markets and the like. Commercial establishments and cultural, social and commercial activities must close at 22:00.

The outbreak that has triggered the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus pandemic originated in December 2019 in the central Chinese city ​​of Wuhan . From there, covid-19 has spread around the world.

The first case in Spain , diagnosed on January 31, 2020, was that of a German tourist who had been in contact in his country with an infected person.

The first death from coronavirus in Spain was confirmed on March 3, 2020: it was a man who died on February 13 in a hospital in Valencia . Since then, the deadly toll of the epidemic has not stopped increasing.

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