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Citroën Provides Six Electric Vehicles For The Greek Island Of Chalki

Citroën is participating in a pioneering project on the Greek island of Chalki to transform it into a zero-emission and sustainable mobility area. Chalki has become a laboratory in Europe where the transition to green energy is taking place with several partners who are leaders in their areas of expertise, such as the Syngelidis Group, Vinci and Akuo Greece, to name a few.

“We are very happy to be collaborating with the island of Chalki on this exceptional project. This collaboration is in total harmony with the spirit of Citroën, an innovative and daring brand, closely related to people in their daily lives and in their mobility. We are committed to make electrification available to everyone and we are very proud to contribute to the transformation of Chalki Island into an autonomous, smart and sustainable island “, says Vincent Cobée, CEO of Citroën.

Following the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding between the Greek Government, Citroën / Syngelidis Group, Vinci and Akuo Greece, the process of transforming the island of Chalki into a “0 emissions” economy has started. Citroën and the Syngelidis Group are taking all measures to offer a range of electric vehicles that only use renewable energy. The goal is to make this progress available to all residents and businesses on the island.

One of the main challenges in the automotive world today is electrification, and Citroën intends to lead the way forward. Citroën wants residents and public authorities to take full advantage of the electric vehicles that can be chosen on the island.

Six Citroën electric vehicles
To start with, Citroën provides a fleet of six 100% electric vehicles to the public authorities on the island of Chalki: two Ami for the Police and the Coast Guard, together with two ë-C4s and one ë-Spacetourer for the municipality of Chalki, and an ë-Jumpy that will also be delivered to the Chalki Energy Community. For these last two vehicles a lease will be signed free for 48 months, after which Citroën will buy the cars and donate them to the municipality of Chalki.

“This project will change the lives of a few for now, but this is only the beginning. By helping Chalki to become a ‘green’ economy, with zero emissions, Citroën opens the way to the future and shows that electrification is the way to follow, “adds Vincent Cobée.

There is also a desire to improve the quality of life for the residents of Chalki Island. Citroën and the Syngelidis Group have launched a series of initiatives for this. The goal is to electrify the fleet on the island and replace all traditional gasoline vehicles with electric ones.

Through a comprehensive development plan for climate-neutral and smart mobility, Citroën will offer the opportunity for island residents and businesses to acquire zero-emission electric vehicles through a wide range of green and smart mobility options, from Light quadricycles to passenger cars and commercial vehicles with free use of all the innovative technologies and connected applications that they incorporate.

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