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CCOO Aragón Concentrates To Ask For More Salaries And Less Temporary Employment

Representatives of the Public Area of ​​CCOO Aragón have concentrated this Wednesday in Zaragoza, before the headquarters of the Government Delegation in Aragon, under the slogan ‘We continue to fight for your rights’ to request a salary increase and reduce the temporality, along with other demands.

The union has delivered a document with its demands “to the Government Delegation, as has also been done to the Minister of Finance and Administrations,” said the general secretary of the Health Federation of Workers’ Commissions of Aragon and coordinator of the Public Area , Delia Lizana.

The concentration is “a replica of the mobilizations” that the union is carrying out in the rest of the country “for the recovery of our rights,” explained the coordinator of the public area of ​​CCOO Aragón.

Lizana has affirmed that public employees “have been suffering for seven years” in which salary increases have slowed down, and has claimed “the category of essential public services”, of which, she pointed out, have reached this pandemic ” depleted by economic cuts “.

The union representative has referred to the efforts made “both in the Health and in the public employees who have had to process all the records of Employment Regulation”, as well as “the teaching colleagues.”

General budgets
Lizana has justified the campaign of mobilizations to “accompany the parliamentary processing of the General State Budgets”, in whose proposal, the central government collects “unilaterally” a salary increase of “two percent for all public employees”, a decision with which “we do not agree”, he remarked.

“It is time to recover the rights that were taken from us,” emphasized the coordinator, who mentioned that “there are professionals who have not yet recovered all of their extraordinary payments.”

Lizana has also criticized the “high temporality” in the Public Administration that “must be corrected”, has declared that “the Government of Spain is not a good employer” and has reproached him for not knowing “to measure up” for not recognizing the public employees who “have been showing their faces during the worst of the pandemic.”

“We believe that it is time to recognize our work,” stressed the representative of CCOO Aragón, who has also referred to the regional government, which has criticized that “the budgets are a replica of those of 2012”.

Faced with this situation, Delia Lizana has defended that “we are in a moment of economic recovery and this needs to be reflected in public employees.”

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