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Cases In Which You Contribute To Social Security Even If You Don’t Work

The Social Security contribution is one of the most important obligations that a worker has, since it will allow him to access the retirement pension that corresponds to him or other types of benefits in the future. Although these contributions begin with the beginning of the citizen’s work activity, there are situations in which, without working, contributions are maintained.

According to the General Law of Social Security , the obligation to contribute ” will be born with the beginning of the provision of work, including the trial period ” and “will be maintained for the entire period in which the worker is registered in the Scheme. General or provide its services, even if they are discontinuous “.

Apart from this general guideline, the regulations also include certain situations that are exceptions or that are far from the work activity that also maintain the worker’s contribution . They are collected by Social Security on its website and are the following:

-In temporary disability, what we know as casualties, “whatever the cause.”

-In cases of public duties or the performance of union representation positions, “provided that this does not give rise to leave from work or cessation of activity.”

-Other types of permits or licenses as long as it gives rise to leave from work.

-In the case of special agreements with Social Security , by which the worker can continue to contribute even if they are not working with the aim of not losing the amount of their pension or reaching a specific level of contribution.

-In the situations of maternity, paternity, risk during pregnancy and risk during breastfeeding.

-When a contributory unemployment benefit is received, what we know as unemployment .

-In some cases in which an unemployment assistance benefit is received, such as unemployment benefit.

-In the rest of the cases established in the regulatory norms of each regime.

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