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Can Check Your Debts As A Freelancer With Social Security Mark1859

So you can check your debts as a freelancer with Social Security Mark1859.

The self-employed can check their debts with Social Security through the Import @ ss platform . In addition, self-employed workers may consult, prior to payment, the receipt that will be charged to their account in relation to the RETA fee. In the same way, they will also be able to check the bank details registered in the General Treasury of the Social Security (TGSS).

It is really important that the self-employed are aware of their accounts with the treasury . Having the invoice that will arrive in the following days or weeks calculated allows you to create an income and payments strategy better adapted to the real situation of the business.

How to consult the accounts in Import @ ss?
As explained by the Social Security, this query can be made at any time, although to see the receipt for the current month it will be necessary to make the query after the 26th of each month . On the contrary, if the consultation is made before, the receipt corresponding to the previous month will appear.

On the other hand, the self-employed will also be able to check if they are up to date in the payment of the Social Security contributions and obtain an informative document that proves it:

– The report obtained on the platform reflects whether or not there is a debt with the Treasury. In addition, if there is debt, the professional will obtain a second document with a reference number, the periods and the amounts of the debt.

– For its part, the certificate allows to justify the situation of being up to date with payment and power, for example, requesting subsidies, participating in the processes of awarding public sector contracts or cases of contracts and subcontractors.

In addition, regarding debts, you can also manage the deferral in the payment of debts to Social Security, consultation of debts and obtaining an income document, return of income from special regimes and systems and payment of debts with a card.

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