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Bilingual Teaching Professionals Want To End The Differences Between Autonomous Communities

Provide the highest possible quality to the bilingual education offered in all the Autonomous Communities. This has been one of the main premises of the International Congress of Bilingual Teaching in Educational Centers (CIEB 2021), held this weekend in Valladolid. The experts have addressed the challenges faced by bilingual education at this annual event , the most important held in the country, organized by the Bilingual Education Association (EB) and the University of Valladolid.

Fifty speakers in the Valladolid capital analyzed the functioning of bilingual education in the Spanish educational system, the programs, its advantages and disadvantages, its development, its management and its results in Spain and in the rest of the world. Under the slogan ‘Towards an international education’, teachers and other professionals have taken the pulse of bilingual education through a large program that has consisted of six plenary sessions, eight plenary panels and five debate panels, in addition to 84 communications and 31 workshops.

Language teaching, technology applied to foreign languages, teacher training, or the design and implementation of bilingual programs are just some of the issues that the experts have addressed in this forum. It has also served as a framework for the presentation, by the Asociación Enseñanza Bilingüe, of a ‘Manifesto for quality bilingual education’. “The next objective is quality. Since the beginning of bilingual education programs, the growth in the number of bilingual centers has been constant and, in some cases, excessive. Education administrations must begin to focus on improving the quality of their programs bilinguals, teacher training and resources, “explains Xavier Gisbert, president of EB.

In this way, they ensure from the entity, a common national framework can be created so that the bilingual education offered throughout the territory has the highest possible quality. “There are 18 educational and bilingual education systems in Spain. We want to help the Autonomous Communities feel with the Ministry,” they add.

During the development of the congress, the study ‘Bilingual Education in Spain and its effects on academic results. An approximation from PISA 2018 ‘. In this sense, the participants have agreed that it is necessary to combat “false alarmism” generated by the abandonment of bilingual education programs by some centers. A minority phenomenon, they say: “The number of centers that have abandoned a bilingual education program is negligible. Castilla y León has more than 600 bilingual centers and since the beginning of the program in 2006, only three public centers have abandoned the bilingual program , two in French and one in English, “says Gisbert.

In total, about 400 attendees have participated in this event , the largest national forum for reflection and reference in our country. A unique meeting to discuss how to face the challenge of implementing a quality bilingual teaching model in our country.


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