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Bergé Auto Becomes Astara And Will Raise Its Revenues To 5.5 Billion

Bergé Automoción becomes Astara. The company announced on Wednesday the change of name and the unification of the brand image from which it will develop its new mobility ecosystem as an additional business to the distribution of vehicles. The group led by Jorge Navea has already left the effect of the pandemic behind and after billing around 2,100 million euros in 2020 – compared to 3,000 million in 2019 – plans to close this year with 4,000 million, that is, practically double . By 2022, the firm projects revenue growth of 37.5%, to 5.5 billion.

To achieve this turnover, Astara anticipates an increase in vehicles sold of 12.5%, from 200,000 units in 2021 to 225,000 in 2022. The weight of the distribution activity, with which it is present in 20 countries, it is very dominant -levels above 90% -. The expected growth in revenue, three times higher than in car sales, is explained by its greater presence in markets such as Switzerland and Belgium, where average prices, around $ 35,000, are much higher than those of Latin American countries. close to 15,000 million dollars, as explained by Navea in the presentation of the new brand.

The Spanish multinational is working to expand its portfolio of countries with its entry next year in Panama, Costa Rica, Bolivia and Eastern Europe or a Baltic country. The strategy is to balance more the geographical distribution of income, so that Latin America will weigh 45% by the end of 2023, compared to 75% in 2015, Europe 45%, compared to 25%, and other countries, such as Philippines, 10%.

User growth
To its traditional vehicle sales business, Astara is adding a mobility ecosystem that it intends to provide more entity in the coming years. Thus, by 2022 the firm predicts multiplying the number of users by almost eight times, going from the current 28,000 users to 215,000.

A rise supported by its companies specialized in mobility: Trive (new, used and renting vehicle management platform), Cardive (vehicle subscription platform for individuals), Fleeet (vehicle subscription platform for professionals) and BotOn (connected vehicle ). The objective of Astara is to enter with this platform next year in markets such as Belgium, Switzerland, Portugal and Chile and by 2025 to reach half a dozen countries in which it operates with its distribution business.

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