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Anger Of University Students Explodes And #SiFueraCastells Reaches Number 3 In Twitter Trends

The Coordinator of Student Representatives of Public Universities (CREUP) has promoted a virtual protest this Friday through the hashtag #SiFueraCastells, which has caused the anger of the university students to explode at the regulatory reforms proposed by the Ministry of Universities and the different groups parliamentarians.

Although the chosen hashtag specifically mentions the minister, the tweets also point to the parliamentary groups Esquerra Republicana, PSOE and Unidas Podemos for failing to comply with the pacts with the university community in the parliamentary process of the University Coexistence Law project .

Thus, university students have defended mediation as a priority model compared to the punitive model proposed by these parliamentary groups, ensuring that the situation does not change at all with respect to the pre-constitutional rule of 1954 that they intend to repeal.

On the other hand, students have also shown their opposition to the latest draft of the Organic Law of the University System , demanding more presence and student participation in government bodies and the recognition of student rights such as psycho-pedagogical assistance or academic strike.

Students from all over Spain have joined this virtual protest, as well as the Spanish Youth Council and the State University Student Council. Likewise, for the students this protest is the first step in a cycle of mobilizations that will last for several months.

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