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A Unique Opportunity To Sleep At Casa Gaudí

On July 12, Airbnb makes a very special offer available to users of its accommodation platform: sleep at Casa Vicens, the first designed by Antonio Gaudí in Barcelona, ​​an architectural jewel from the late nineteenth century that for much of its 136 years history has been closed to the public.

Built as a luxurious summer home for a Catalan family in 1885, it is an explosive mix of colors and influences, and is considered one of the first buildings of the Art Nouveau movement.

Declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco in 2005, Casa Vicens is the house-manifesto where a young Gaudí in his early thirties laid the foundations for what would become his later architecture. Located in the Gràcia neighborhood of Barcelona, ​​it opened its doors to the public in November 2017 after three years of restoration and rehabilitation, which allowed the house to return to its original state. And this fall it will open its doors for a unique and exclusive stay for two people for one night.

Set in a lush garden, the interiors of Casa Vicens fuse Moorish, neoclassical and organic motifs. The furniture in the dining room, on the ground floor, is original designed by Gaudí himself.

The offer, for the entire accommodation of the house, allows you to enjoy a historical immersion with total access to the house and includes a special welcome tour. It also includes a Michelin star tasting menu inspired by the Catalan architect, designed by the prestigious Hof-mann Hospitality School, in a truly unique space and a breakfast in the private garden. The reservation will be available at 4 pm on July 12.

Unique experiences
And as the offer is very limited, there are two options to live an experience in an architecture and design environment: the house designed by Le Corbusier and Jean Prouvé in Doncourt-lès-Conflans, in northern France, and the Rotarius house, in Asti , Italy.

The building of Le Corbusier Prouvé, today a historical monument, is the former Doncourt aerodrome clubhouse, in which the passion for light, the taste for harmony and the simple refinement of architects materialize. Maison Contemporaine is in charge of marketing the house in full rental mode for holiday stays.

The Rotarius house is actually a hotel, but a very special one-room-only hotel inside a huge 13th-century tower in Asti, near Turin, in the Piedmont wine region. It is the creation of the architects Elisabetta Tovo and Filippo Cornero, who have turned an old viewpoint of the Palazzo dei Roero di Monteu into a suite: exquisite furniture, high ceilings, stone walls, arched windows … A spiral staircase leads to a private terrace with spectacular panoramic views.

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