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56 Decline of the City Council Neighborhood in Metro

56 Decline in Yolanda prefers that her last name not appear in this article. He has written a letter to the Entre Todos section to express his “deep discomfort” over the insecurity that permeates his neighborhood, Cerdanyola in Mataro.

“The inaction of the city council has caused that problems that are not new have been accentuated. In recent months it has gotten a lot worse. The city has gotten out of control ” , assures the author of the letter.

The neighbor speaks in her letter of citizen insecurity, of assaults and robberies, also of acts of violence and lack of cleanliness.

“Although these problems affect the entire city, those who suffer the most are the residents of the most disadvantaged neighborhoods, such as Cerdanyola and Rocafonda,” adds Yolanda, who recognizes the past efforts of the Mataro City Council to redirect the situation.

The council’s comprehensive plans were ineffective, he continues, “either due to a poor approach to them or due to the economic crises we are suffering.”

This feeling of insecurity is shared by many more residents and owners of establishments, says Yolanda, concerned about the degradation of streets like Rossello formerly a very important commercial hub for the neighborhood.

“There now proliferate drug sales, street vending, aggressions And that is why we ask for more neighborhood police to patrol the most problematic streets on foot,” urges this neighbor, who maintains that people now avoid this road when darkens.

The opinions collected in the same street confirm the version of this neighbor. Silence in some establishments too. Sales, of course, suffer.

“In winter, from five o’clock , when it is already dark, many people prefer not to go through here” , laments Meritxell Chuliá, in front of Cimers, a family business opened in 83. “It has not been overnight “It comes from afar,” continues the watchmaker’s owner, “it has been getting worse.”

The feeling of insecurity is free, but some can explain theft. Or frustrated thefts. This is the case of Inma Espín, a shop assistant. “Luckily they removed the banks. They would sit up front and wait for me to go into the warehouse to come in and steal something. ” He has been working in this store for 56 Decline three years and has called the police on several occasions.

Silvia Castells, a clerk for the Garcia Jewelry store for 15 years, on the other hand, to date has not suffered any type of robbery or robbery. Knock on woood. “Yes, things are heard, but we cannot idealize either. This street has had better and worse years, years in which the city council has overturned and others that have not ”.

“The city council does not listen to our requests and we are fed up. The number of police officers was only increased and new security plans were made when the problem reached the center (of Mataró), ”says Yolanda.

Municipal sources deny this point to EL PERIÓDICO and recall that the Mataró City Council has a participation body with representatives of the entities and also individual citizens, the Terrritorial Council of Cerdanyola, in which possible actions are debated improvement ”.

For 2021, the Comprehensive Action Plan initially foresees “87 actions quantified at 2.2 million euros, with educational programs, coexistence, community action, support to entities and improvement of public space, among others.” The investment will be greater, they point out, due to an extraordinary item of 12,000 euros recently incorporated into the budget ”.

Regarding coexistence, the president of the Territorial Council of Cerdanyola, Beatriz Delgado, recalls that the city council hired some coexistence agents for the second half of 2020 (and they carried out 784 interventions).

The new Civics and Mobility ordinances, the first being drafted and the second being processed, should help. “They will also be tools that will make it possible to fight against other problems, such as the abandonment of vehicles on public roads,” confides Delgado, who also ensures that the police presence throughout the neighborhood “has intensified . ”

Cerdanyola, the second most populated neighborhood in Mataró, suffers from deficiencies. The consistory is aware. “Neighborhoods like Cerdanyola have the lowest incomes and the greatest social needs,” says Delgado. Without the help of other administrations.

The chances of successfully tackling such a complex challenge – and shared with many other metropolitan cities are slim. “That is why all municipal groups asked the Generalitat for a new Llei de Barris last February ,” concludes the president of the territorial council.

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