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2041: When Artificial Intelligence Will Take Over Our Lives

AI will change our world in twenty years. “She” will soon flow through our lives like electricity does today, remaking every sphere of human activity. AI will bring enormous benefits to society and the economy, guaranteeing more efficient production and, therefore, the products and services in our environment will be more economical and accessible.

In two decades, aspects of daily human life will be unrecognizable. AI will generate unprecedented wealth , revolutionize healthcare, transportation, the financial world, food and education through human-machine symbiosis, and create new forms of communication and entertainment.

With AI it will be possible to achieve and produce great advances in science and medicine, we will even consider whether to award “Her” the Nobel Prize in Medicine. Thanks to this progress, we will be able to live longer and healthier lives . The main health players will not be pharmaceutical companies, they will be Google, Microsoft, Amazon and Apple, because they have your data.

“She” will go so deep in your life that she will analyze the stool of your smart toilet and make a diagnosis of your health, or even, your smart watch will send her data of your stress level, and you will end up taking made-up and prescription pills by AI to keep your blood pressure under control.

I would say that in 2041 we will not own cars , not much else, but that you will subscribe to the products you need and that “she” will recommend you. You will see the newscasts and movies starring AI-generated “actors” that you have chosen.

“She” will be connected with your appliances and will make the predictive purchase for you, therefore, you will live the death of shopping as you know it today. Surely the warehouse where they prepare your order will be managed mainly by robots , the same ones that will hire, evaluate, supervise and fire the humans.

“She” will continue to anticipate your decisions and show you the value of ultra-personalization. We will live digital immortality and the customer service that we will receive from companies will be through Artificial Humans.

Robots and AI will take over your old job , but they will also create a new one for you, a job you couldn’t have imagined in 2021. Faced with these possible scenarios, and by freeing us from routine work, AI will also challenge organizational principles of our economic and social order.

But what if it turns out that AI will not create a job designed for us but for its fellow robots? What if it is true that we are nearing the end of work as we know it today ?

For centuries, visionaries and scholars have been predicting that machines would make human workers obsolete (human obsolescence). The fear that automation could displace workers and potentially lead to large amounts of unemployment dates back a 200-year low to the Luddite riots in the UK.

And since then this concern has come up time and time again, now, perhaps, we have recently incorporated into the equation the possibility of robots taxing and paying our pensions , but it is a simple variant of the final destination.

Given the forecast of the World Economic Forum that in 2025 50% of jobs will be carried out by machines , the debate and the great concern of society about the massive replacement of jobs has once again been accentuated, giving prominence to AI, to automation and always from a skepticism perspective.

But we won’t start to see this massive tsunami until 2030 . when AI is generating an estimated 26% (?? 13.2 trillion) increase in global GDP. Economists and technologists will surely forecast and warn that the economy is already at a tipping point. When you take a deep look at the labor market data, you’ll see worrying signs, masked for now by a cyclical recovery. Looking up from your poor spreadsheets and algorithms, you will see the two faces of automation: robots in the operating room and behind the fast food counter.

They will imagine autonomous cars winding through the streets and Amazon drones flying over the sky, replacing millions of drivers, warehouse workers, farmers, etc … they will even observe robots that pollinate from almond trees to blueberries.

You will see that the capabilities of the machines, already extraordinary, continue to expand exponentially, while, unfortunately, ours remain practically the same, due to the erroneous plans of the governments at the time of preparing us for the future . And they will ask themselves: Is there a really safe job?

Surely yes, and although the decision of the end of the work is still only a futuristic concept and utopia for most of humanity, we must not forget that still, to this day, humans are still the authors of our destiny , of course , until “She” wants to take part, and if not, it is only necessary to remember the words of Stephen Hawking when cataloging it as the worst event in the history of our civilization.


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