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Living Boldly with Plastic: Paige British’s £40,000 Breast Enhancement Journey

Paige British, a 28-year-old model from Cheshire, proudly identifies as “filled with plastic,” following an impressive 14 surgical procedures, with a significant £40,000 invested in breast enhancements alone. Her striking transformation has not only garnered media attention but also raised questions about societal attitudes towards body modification.

Paige recently flew to Los Angeles, USA, where she spent £17,000 to augment her cup size from H to I, elevating her total spend on cosmetic enhancements to a remarkable £80,000.

Back in the UK, Paige openly discusses the mixed reactions her augmented appearance elicits, particularly from other women. Despite her considerable Instagram following of 271,000 (@paigebritish), she experiences frequent scrutiny, even in modest attire.

Confronting the criticism, Paige remarks, “Other women are threatened. They are just jealous. I dress rather modestly, too, but I can’t escape the judgmental glances and looks. And the people who have the gumption to say nasty comments online ask, ‘What have I done to myself?’ They tell me they are disgusted. But there’s always going to be haters, and I’m not bothered about offending anyone.”

Unfazed by public opinion, Paige, fresh from her recent surgery, is already contemplating further enhancements. Her current size, twice the UK average, symbolizes her deep commitment to her chosen style.

Paige admits the physical toll of her enhancements, saying, “I get back pain from them due to the size, but in my eyes, it’s all worth it. It’s like an addiction.”

She credits her husband for his continuous support throughout her transformation, noting, “My husband has always been a fan. He was with me before any surgery and has supported me the whole time, and loved me then and now.”

As the primary earner, Paige generates a substantial £80,000 per month through her online presence. Her recent Ferrari acquisition is a testament to her financial independence and success.


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