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How Much Do You Know about Geek Bars Vs Cigarette?

A few years ago, when I was studying at university, one of my friends offer me a cigarette. I don’t want to be a smoker but my friends were, so, I won’t able to resist the horrible addiction. The reason I don’t like cigarettes was that I don’t like their paper formation and also it leads an individual to death.

First experience:

I belong to a very rich family, so, it was not difficult for me to buy anything. Many of my friends buy cigarettes from my money and don’t mind but I never try any. My parents were not smokers and I was not charmed to it as well. One day, my philosophy teacher throw me out of class. I love philosophy but the behaviour of my teacher was not good with me from day one as he thinks I was a spoiled rich child. It never bothers his bitter comments but when he throws me out of class, I have got very upset. My friends were with me and they gave me a cigarette and I take it in anger.

When I suck the cigarette first time, it was not difficult at all. The feeling was like I suck air from a straw but when it enters my throat, everything starts burning. It was indeed one of the worst days of my life. Bad things coming to me one after another. For two days, I won’t feel nice. My throat hurts but later on, I start smoking once a week. Initially, I smoke on bad occasions and later the habit turns and I found myself with cigarettes daily.

After a few months, I got bored as I don’t like the shape and papery look of cigarettes so I joined a rehabilitation centre to get rid of that habit. I got succeeded and left smoking completely. With time, the world is progressing very fast so, they introduced something that amazed me so much with its classy looks i.e., geekbar. I like it very much as it is very fancier in looks and it has many other features such as;

  • Light-weight
  • Charming colors
  • 50 cigarettes in one bar
  • Freebase nicotine
  • Nicotine salt
  • Cost-effective
  • Geek bar flavors

It is not good to smoke as it is injurious to health and causes lungs cancer, cardiac diseases, diabetes, tuberculosis, and many more. I never suggest my friends do it and put their lives in danger. But if you need to smoke, choosing geek bars is not bad. It can be helpful in the following ways:

  1. If you don’t want to be a smoker and your friends offer you one and compel you to smoke. Show them your geek bar and take two or three puffs. They will never compel you again believe me, as they know you are one step ahead.
  1. It’s cost-effective and doesn’t burden your pockets. Many of my friends who were financially upset afford it easily as the liquid of the bar is almost equal to 50 cigarettes.
  1. You can do showoff as it looks very astounding.

So, I quit smoking technically, but I have my geek bar pro to make sure no one is compelling me and I suggest you do the same. Further, when you want to buy a good long-lasting geekbar, buy it from professional companies like Vaperoad. They are very well-reputed and their vapes are best as compared to others.


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