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Gifting sustainably this Valentine’s Day, with Dobbies

When it comes to finding the perfect gift for a loved one for Valentine’s Day, there are endless options out there to choose from, with flowers usually coming out on top as the most popular choice. Not your average garden centre, Dobbies is encouraging people to think sustainably this Valentine’s Day and switch out the traditional gift of cut flower bouquets for an eco-friendly houseplant instead.

Dobbies has a wide range of houseplants that make the perfect sustainable gift for Valentine’s Day, with many boasting air purifying properties that make them good for the environment as well as being aesthetically pleasing. Truly the gift that keeps on giving, unlike traditional Valentine’s bouquets that only last a week, houseplants will produce blooms for years, and the more you care for them, the more they will thrive, making them the perfect choice for your Valentine.

Dobbies’ Senior Houseplant Buyer, Claire Bishop, talks through her top houseplant choices for gifting this Valentine’s Day and how to best care for them to ensure they last for as long as possible.

“There are so many houseplants to choose from that would make beautiful gifts for your loved one this Valentine’s Day. For experienced plant parents, the Calathea triostar is a fantastic choice for bringing a burst to life to any space. Calatheas thrive in a sunny spot and enjoy moist soil so weekly watering is essential. If you’re unsure if a Calathea needs watered, you can usually tell by feeling the top layer of soil. If it’s dry to the touch, it needs some water. Calatheas are fantastic for the environment too as they have air purifying properties, making them a wonderful addition to any indoor space.

“The Anthurium is another popular choice when it comes to gifting due to its gorgeous, vibrant flowers and unique leaves. If you’re gifting this plant, make sure your Valentine knows not to place it in direct sunlight as that can burn its gorgeous leaves. Instead, a spot with indirect sunlight is best, and weekly watering will keep the Anthurium thriving and producing long-lasting flowers for years, making it a fantastic sustainable option.

“If you’re looking to gift a houseplant to a first-time plant parent, why not start them out easy with a small houseplant in a pretty pot? Succulents are really low maintenance and require very little care, meaning they’re ideal for those who are just starting their houseplant journey. They are low fuss and Hoya Kerrii grows in a cute heart shape, making them the perfect gift for everyone this Valentine’s Day.”

Whatever houseplant you choose to gift, Dobbies, the UK’s leading garden centre retailer, has plenty of options to suit every style, size and budget. Pair your houseplant with one of Dobbies’ new season pots to add a pop of colour and make your gift extra special.

For more Valentine’s gifting ideas visit dobbies.com


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