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Bring the outside in with Dobbies

Dobbies, the UK’s leading garden centre, has unveiled its new-look indoor living collections for Spring Summer 2022 that shines a light on houseplants and the trend of bringing the outside in to create a natural flow from home to garden.

Not your average garden centre, Dobbies’ new season collection highlights the importance injecting life into your indoor space with greenery, and has something to suit every style, size and budget. The new indoor living collection champions the flexibility of our homes, with a nod towards how people are utilising their spaces in different ways, with a focus on sustainability and small space gardening.

Speaking about the new collections, Dobbies’ Stylist, Rebecca Stanton, commented; “This year, our focus is on how we can get the most out of our homes, whether that’s with a hanging herb garden in the kitchen, a mini garden on our coffee table, some hanging plants in the bathroom or a showstopping apothecary cabinet in the lounge. Regardless of space, there are plenty of ways you can breathe life into your home with houseplants and accessories, and this year we’ve got something to suit everyone.

“Bringing the outside in is a trend that’s not showing any signs of slowing down, with more people recognising the benefits that added greenery indoors can bring. Whether that’s with large houseplants or small succulents, there are so many ways you can achieve a natural look in your home. Our top tip for making the most of the new Spring Summer range is to layer different textures for a natural effect. Different plants, throws, accessories and stoneware in the new collection all marry together to create an effortless look that’s perfect for embracing the new season.”

Calathea wavestar £29.99; Nephrolepsis exaltata ‘Green Lady’ £14.99; Asparagus sprengeri £22.99; Marantha leuconeura fascinator £22.99; Panicum northwind £24.99; Festuca azurit £9.99; Vibes round pot (pink) from £8.99; Alder wall canvas from £32.99; Women’s head icon £34.99; Adyan glass vase £34.99; Jonas black lantern £22.99; Blue and white stripe basket £14.99; Dhadit throw £29.99.

Dobbies’ new indoor living collection spotlights the home office, showcasing how a botanical theme can elevate this area of the home and transform it into an oasis of calm. Rebecca said; “To benefit our wellbeing, it’s important to ensure the home office is a place that feels positive, energising and inspiring – with a few simple tweaks, it can easily be brought to life. Layering different sizes, colours and textures of plants will boost the energy of this space while a light throw over your office chair will instantly give the space a cosy look and feel. Keep things light and airy for a serene effect and have fun with colourful planters and pots to add some fun to your workspace.”

Dracaena marginata £39.99; Coco nucifera £19.99 Hedera white variegated £14.99; Pure coupe black pot £79.99, Lisbon pot (olive) £7.99; Marian stoneware vase £12.99

Dobbies has seen a strong demand for houseplants at the start of the 2022, in particular exotic variations that make a statement like Pachira and Calathea. Guaranteed to have an impact on any area of the home, the houseplant collections available focus on lush greenery in different spaces and prove you don’t need masses of room to enjoy the benefits.

Speaking on how to achieve a showstopping look with plants, Senior Houseplant Buyer, Claire Bishop, said; “To create a full look that has both depth and interest, experiment with plants and pots of different sizes, colours, styles and textures – contrasting plants such as Ficus lyatra and variegated Hedera look great. A range of heights will make for an impressive display, such as Calathea with Nephrolepsis or Phleboduim Fern. The new collection is full of gorgeous stoneware plant pots in fantastic colours so you can really have fun with your accessories.”

Calathea wavestar £29.99; Phlebodium aureum ‘Blue Star’ £14.99; Cissus rhombifolia £26.99; Tillandsia usneoides £14.99; Calathea makoyana £16.99; Hedera white variegated £4.99; Glass bubble spray vase £29.99; Stoneware vases from £9.99; Meraki Northern Dawn body wash £18.99; Meraki Northern Dawn body butter £21.99; Aery Black Oak and Green Bamboo candles £25.99 each
Cissus rhombifolia £26.99; Foliage in lab glass £9.99; Tillandsia usneoides £14.99; Glass bubble vase £29.99; Heavily meditated diffuser, £34.99; Meraki Northern Dawn body wash £18.99; Meraki Northern Dawn body butter £21.99; Rosemary bath mitt £10.99; Aery Black Oak and Green Bamboo candles £25.99 each

The bathroom is an area of focus for Dobbies’ Spring Summer 2022 collection, with a wide range of new sustainable luxury products from brands such as Meraki and Aery.

Styling plants in the bathroom is a great way to transform the space into your very own at-home spa, and Claire has some tips on how to achieve this look whilst still keeping the space practical; “Your bathroom is a functional space, but that doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate some greenery into its décor. Choose a few select plants to style alongside your favourite spa products on a shelf, or beside candles on a bath board. Trailing Hedera and Tillandsia air plants will create a gorgeous zen look, and there are plenty of smaller plants and Succulents that will look great without taking up too much space.”

Pachira aquatica £74.99; Philodendron verrucosum incensi £69.99; Philodendron ‘Painted Lady’ (limited edition) £49.99; Monstera variegata (limited edition) £299.99; Calathea fusion (limited edition) £59.99; Syngonium podophyllum albo variegata £44.99; Calathea ornata £29.99; Lisbon pots, from £5.99 to 12.99; Leon white pot, £8.99; Retro gold pot, £4.99; Indoor gardening set £45.99; Cylinder groove green vase, £21.99; Angelina wall decoration £19.99; Fiesta velvet cushion £14.99; Pink velvet cushion £19.99.
Calathea fusion (limited edition) £59.99; Syngonium podophyllum albo variegata £44.99; Lisbon white pot £7.99; Lisbon light grey pot, £7.99.

Taking their houseplant offering to the next level, Dobbies has incorporated a selection of rare houseplants that are guaranteed to make a statement no matter where they’re styled. Whether they’re placed in the corner of a room or put on display in a cabinet, these new season plants have the ‘wow’ factor and are sure to impress even the non-green fingered among us.

Claire tells us about some of the new limited edition plants on offer; “These special plants are always limited in numbers when they arrive in stores, so I’d recommend keeping an eye out in your local store. We have Variegated Monstera, Streptocarpus pretty turtle, Calathea white fusion and Syngonium podophyllum varigata, with lots of new exciting plant to come.”

Commenting on how best to style these rare plants, Rebecca said; “These gorgeous houseplants make an impact on their own, but to make the most of their unique quality, style them together in elegant pots to allow them to really shine. Our rare plant apothecary cabinet which features plants including Philodendron verrucosum incense, Philodendron ‘Painted Lady’, Monstera variegata and Calathea fusion, showcases a dramatic way to make an impact with these plants and is perfect for those looking for a statement piece for the home. Style these plants with on-trend gold accessories to bring out their different colours and patterns and make them pop.”

Beaucarnea revurvata £6.99; Ficus microcarpa ginseng £6.99; Succulents from £3.49; assorted stoneware vases from £8.99.
Herbs from Dobbies Garden Centres; assorted stoneware vases from £8.99; napkins £17.99; Bowl £7.99.

Small space gardening is a key theme that runs throughout Dobbies’ new indoor living collection, with the garden centre aiming to show that no space is too small for greenery. From mini gardens on coffee tables, to compact kitchen gardens full of fragrant herbs, there are many ways to inject life into even the smallest of spaces.

When styling a tight spot, Claire has a couple of top tips; “If you are looking to make an impact but don’t have a lot of space to work with, choose a few small plants, such as Aloe, Echeveria and mini Zamioculcas, and group them together to create a stylish display.

“If that’s on a coffee table, a group of Succulents can be even more eye-catching than one bigger plant, and you can get creative with their pots. In the kitchen, a hanging garden for herbs is a brilliant space saver and will give your kitchen a natural look – practical and stylish. Let the herbs shine and pair them with minimal accessories in muted tones for a put-together effect.”

For more SS22 indoor living inspiration, visit www.dobbies.com

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