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Why Coffee Drinkers Love Brazilian Cerrado Coffee the Most?

Are you wondering why a fine cup of Cerrado is always in demand? Well, keep reading this article to know about Brazilian Cerrado coffee. With 27,000 square kilometers of land dedicated to coffee production and plantation, Brazil has been the largest coffee-producing country for more than 150 years.

The major part of these coffee plantations is located in the south-eastern states of Sao Paulo, Minas Gerais, and Parana. This is mainly because the climate and environment in these regions offer ideal conditions for growing coffee.

Interestingly, Brazil leads the world in green coffee production, currently producing almost one-third of the world’s coffee, followed by Vietnam, Indonesia, and Colombia.

History of Brazilian Cerrado Coffee

In the early 1900s, the region of CerradoMineirosuffered severe problems with the cultivation of any crop including coffee. It was only after 1960 that the country started figuring out plans to re-irrigate the land and finally produce crops.

However, coffee has now become one of the most important exports in the entire country followed by cattle and beef exports. Many scientists and agriculturists implemented long processes to stimulate the over-acidic soil in these regions to create a coffee that holds the same properties but tastes amazing.

The CerradoMineiro region being rich in history and Brazilian coffee culture offers some of the best coffee beans in the world. Farmers of these regions grow coffee beans naturally in their fields. 

Cultivation of Coffee in CerradoMineiro

Producing amazing coffee like Brazilian Cerrado takes time as well as coffee cultivation skills. The entire Brazilian region has over 4,500 coffee producers who cultivate the blended crop naturally at an altitude of 800 to 1300 meters.

Minas Gerais accounts for almost half of Brazil’s total coffee production, thus known as the largest coffee-producing state. The region’s landscape includes mountains and valleys that make it ideal for producing Brazilian coffees with a wide range of flavor profiles like a fine cup of Cerrado.

In simple terms, the most important factor that plays a vital role in creating the quality of the coffee beans is the weather in these regions. The hot & humid summers, consistent rainfall, and mild & dry winters in Minas Gerais create coffee beans that are rough and rugged.

Cerrado de Minas is a coffee-growing region within Minas Gerais. Coffee produced in this region is ‘Cerrado’. The region has well-defined seasons and thus allows farmers to anticipate consistent high-quality yields.

Coffee Harvesting in Cerrado Region

The Cerrado region has huge coffee-growing areas that produce large quantities of coffee. The specialty of Cerrado coffee is that these coffee beans go through mechanical harvesting and mass processing.

The flat topography of Cerrado de Minas makes the region possible for utilizing the process of mechanical harvesting. It also assures consistency in the quality of the coffee beans. Producers get to choose the optimal time for picking up the coffee beans as different coffee fruit ripe at different times over a period of one to four months.

Taste Profile of Brazilian Cerrado Coffee

Want to know why most coffee drinkers like the taste of a fine cup of Cerrado? The taste of coffee beans from the CerradoMineiro region is one of the highest quality Brazilian coffee blends. You will get an intense aroma with a caramel and nutty flavor on brewing the coffee beans.

Cerrado coffee comes with gentle citrus acidity that is usually sweetened with a chocolatey appearance combined with a long-term finish. This makes the taste of Cerrado coffee memorable.


Now that you know why coffee drinkers mostly enjoy consuming a fine cup of Cerrado, you may want to taste this specialty coffee flavor. However, make sure to purchase the Cerrado coffee beans from a reputed and reliable coffee supplier. Hope this article has helped you learn about thebest-selling coffee beans, that is, Cerrado coffee. If you like a sweet and mild coffee taste then this coffee specialty should be your ideal choice!


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