No need to find a hiding spot this year. These Easter treats were made to be seen – and nibbled. Think outrageously oversized Ostrich Eggs, satisfyingly snappable Extra Thick Eggs, and wonderfully witty Egg Sandwiches. Imagined and created by our in-house chocolatiers – with more cacao, less sugar, 100% ethical cacao and nothing artificial, ever.

Easter at Hotel Chocolat is fun, extravagant, quirky, and offers something for everyone. From our Sp-egg-tacular ‘Facet Egg’, inspired from a trip to the Tate Modern, to our true original Pen Pals with an eye (and ear) for detail.

Introducing brand NEW Unbelievably Vegan* Easter treats the whole family will love (vegan or not!). Nutmilk is our staggeringly creamy chocolate made without milk, and with finely milled hazelnuts. Now in Easter eggs, bunnies and plenty more to discover this Easter.

Some things are too important to hide. As part of our on-going Planet Pledge, we’ve taken yet more steps to reduce our environmental impact, as we continue to work towards net carbon zero by 2030. hotelchocolat.com/planetpledge

Ostrich Eggs

The show stopper – made to be seen, shared, savoured. Measured against the real thing, our outrageously large Ostrich Eggs are simply too good to hide (even if you could). NEW for 2022: Patisserie and Unbelievably Vegan. Ostriches lay the largest eggs of any living bird – and we measured a real one to create the heftiest shell in our range!

Ostrich Egg Patisserie – £85

Cookies and cream: crunchy cookies in 40% milk chocolate, draped with white chocolate. Brownie: nibbly pecan pieces, pecan praline, cookies, 50% milk chocolate. Your favourite cakes, bakes and puddings, re-imagined as filled chocolates. Alcohol-free.

Ostrich Egg Unbelievably Vegan – £85

Extra-large, 45% Nutmilk chocolate egg with cookies and crushed corn-flakes. Paired with a selection of creamy Nutmilk and high-cacao chocolate truffles, pralines and caramels. Over a kilo of chocolate. Vegan-friendly. Alcohol-free.

Ostrich Egg Classic – £85

Half 40% milk with cookies and puffed rice, half 50% milk with wafter. With a dazzling array of our milk, dark, white and caramel filled chocolates. Over a kilo of chocolate! Alcohol free.

Ostrich Egg Dark – £85

70% dark chocolate with a pinch of salt and crunchy almond pieces. 70% dark chocolate with hazelnut pieces and a dash of salt. Pralines, caramels, tipsy truffles and more in our deeply satisfying dark chocolate. Presented in an elegant serving tray to keep them perfect.

Extra Thick Eggs

When we first started making our Easter eggs 21 years ago, experts told us to make them as thin as possible. We did the opposite, opting for lavishly thick shells that are the epitome of indulgence. This year, our Extra Thick Eggs have been elevated to feel more premium than ever before, making them the ultimate Easter Gift.

Presented in a beautiful keepsake tin, inspired by our ‘pod cup’ design. This ‘pod cup’ design was initially the work of Andrew Wicks, Royal College of Arts ceramicist, and was inspired by the shape of a growing cocoa pod. There will also be an internal print to the tin, making it just as beautiful once you lift the lid.

Unbelievably Vegan Extra Thick Egg – £30

45% Nutmilk chocolate – our delicious alternative to milk chocolate, with a subtle praline backnote. A collection of vegan-friendly caramels, pralines and fruities, in dark, and unbelievably creamy Nutmilk.

Rocky Road to Caramel Extra Thick Egg – £30

Solid caramel chocolate with notes of dulce de leche, and creamy 40% milk chocolate studded with cookies and puffed rice. Filled with mellow truffles, pralines and caramels. No alcohol.

You Crack Me Up Extra Thick Egg – £30

A family-friendly, alcohol-free egg of two halves: mellow 40% milk chocolate and creamy caramelwhite chocolate. Filled with award-winning treacly pralines and mellow milk truffles. Easter, packed with personality.

Just Milk Extra Thick Egg – £30

Half creamy 40% milk chocolate and half deeper 50% milk chocolate. Piled high with creamy pralines and velvety-soft truffles. No alcohol.

White and Light Extra Thick Egg – £30

Our creamiest recipes, with two halves of opulent white chocolate. Filled with lusciously creamy recipes that pair our high-cocoa white with fruit, nuts and more. No alcohol.

Serious Dark Fix Extra Thick Egg – £30

Serious Dark Fix is utterly committed to your cacao hit, with two halves of smooth, elegantly balanced 70% dark chocolate. Filled with tipsy truffles, pralines and caramels that showcase the cacao.

Your Eggsellency Extra Thick Egg – £30

A celebration of our finest premium-alcohol truffles. Half mellow yet deep 40% milk, half elegantly balanced 70% dark egg. Filled with premium-alcohol truffles.

Patisserie Extra Thick Egg – £30

Patisserie is an egg of two generously proportioned halves: the 50% milk chocolate and pecan praline recreates the taste and texture of brownie, and the caramel chocolate, mascarpone, yoghurt and pinch of salt that makes salted caramel cheesecake. Filled it with delicate desserts re-imagined in chocolate, including award-winning carrot cake and treacle tart. No alcohol.

Champagne Extra Thick Egg – £30

Half 40% milk, half strawberry-white and milk. Piled with hedonistic truffles filled with Mercier Champagne. The rosy hue of our Pink Champagne Truffles? Natural pressed strawberries. Authentic is always our first preference, from real fruit to French Champagne.

Hard Boiled Eggs

Here’s to the hard-boiled fans. The egg used is our in-house designed ‘Facet Egg’. Inspired from a trip to the Tate Modern, the Facet Egg takes an unexpected angle on the classic Easter egg, cast with a jewelled facet design that looks like a spectacular ‘chocolate diamond’ emerging from a smooth chocolate eggshell. The egg is presented in a recyclable acetate box, like the Big City Bunny, showcasing the chocolate as edible art.

Unbelievably Vegan Hard-Boiled Egg – £15

Nutmilk is our unbelievably vegan chocolate, made without milk and with finely milled hazelnuts. Smooth and mellow, at 45% cacao, Nutmilk has all the chocolatey depth you’d expect from a Hotel Chocolat milk chocolate recipe. Five years in the making; worth every obsessive second.

Mint Hard-Boiled Egg – £15

A fresh angle on Easter. 70% dark chocolate and Tasmanian peppermint Easter egg with crispy mint éclat for hard-boiled flavour fanatics. Vegan-friendly. Satisfyingly smooth 70% dark chocolate infused with Tasmanian peppermint oil, scattered with nibbly mint éclat.

Ginger Hard-Boiled Egg – £15

A new angle on Easter. 70% dark chocolate egg with Indian ginger oil for hard-boiled fiery root fanatics. Vegan-friendly. Satisfyingly smooth 70% dark chocolate infused with Indian ginger oil, chosen for its fiery flavour.

100% Hard-Boiled Egg – £15

We cast the shell in our powerful single-origin Saint Lucia 100% dark, then studded it with rich and juicy Turkish raisins and unblanched Californian almonds. Finally, we paired it with Gianduja Hazelnuts – 100% dark praline draped over whole Piedmont hazelnuts to lift those intense cocoa notes to new heights. Vegan-friendly.

Brownie Hard-Boiled Egg – £15

A new angle on Easter. 50% milk chocolate egg with super-smooth pecan praline for hard-boiled brownie fanatics. Scrumptious cacao-rich 50% milk chocolate with super-smooth pecan praline recreates a brownie’s authentic gooey texture.

Salted Caramel Hard-Boiled Egg – £15

A new angle on Easter. Caramel chocolate egg with sea salt to lift those dulce de leche notes. Malty and not too sweet, with a flourish of Guérande sea salt.

Soft-Boiled Eggs

Simple chocolate eggs, with a fun design. A cracking concept based on a soft-boiled splat.

Milk Soft-Boiled Egg – £10

The star of the show in this range is our 40% milk chocolate. Velvety smooth, we’ve added just the right amount of sugar and cream to make this a decadent treat but without detracting from the rich cocoa flavours.

White Soft-Boiled Egg – £10

If you’re looking for a different take on an Easter egg this year, you’ve come to the right place. The runny yolk uses natural colourings – we use nothing artificial, ever – and contrasts perfectly with the warm colour of our quality white chocolate, making this an egg to stand out this Easter season.

Dark Soft-Boiled Egg – £10

A vegan* Easter egg is no yolk. That’s why our vegan* chocolate Splat Easter Egg, made out of 70% cocoa dark chocolate, has a stunning sleek finish and an irresistibly rich flavour. Our chocolate sculptress may have broken the mould, but this was no mistake. Spread across the smooth dark chocolate is creamy white chocolate and a vibrant yellow yolk. Who would have thought a broken egg could be so tantalising?

Boxed Selections

Easter H-box – £13.50

A gift box which keeps on giving. Ranging from sumptuous caramel to a tipsy fruit cake, these indulgent morsels are an R-Rated version of Easter. Celebrate your Easter the right way: dare, discover and delight.15 spring tiddly egg chocolates brimming with caramels, pralines and tipples. The perfect Easter gift box.

Easter Sleekster – £23.50

Already feeling tired from the thought of all the Easter egg hunts and Easter bunny visits? Curl up on the sofa with your family to watch a film thisEaster break, and make sure you have this box on your lap. We’ve got three eggs of each flavour in our sumptuous sleekster in an attempt to give everyone a taste – but we can’t promise there will be no arguments! 30 spring tiddly egg chocolates brimming with caramels, pralines and tipples.

Egg Sandwiches

The Egg Sandwich has always been a great quirky, conceptual product that’s made a wonderful alternative Easter egg. We put a loaf of granary bread through a 3D scanner to create the slices for your Egg Sandwich, which is why it looks and feels so much like the real thing! This year we have pushed the concept even further with new innovative recipes.

Cookie Dough & Ice Cream Egg Sandwich – £10

White and raspberry half-eggs sandwiched with crunchy caramel-milk chocolate. Zingy ripple of raspberry with Madagascan vanilla melt. Malty caramel cookie crunchperfected with pecan. Several ice cream sandwiches were eaten in the name of research!

Caramayo Egg Sandwich – £10

White half-eggs sandwiched with caramel-milk. A light-hearted Easter gift, perfect for fans of the breakfast buttie! Lashings of cocoa butter for an astonishing melt. Our yolk is naturally on the sunny side: nothing artificial, ever. A slice of smooth caramel completes our Caramayo, to go.

Lamb & Mint Egg Sandwich – £10

White chocolate lamb sandwiched with minty, nibbly 50% milk chocolate. Our spring lamb, Woolliam, couldn’t resist our mellow milk with refreshing Tasmanian peppermint oil, luscious white and crispy feuilletine. Munch!

Chocolate Spread Egg Sandwich – £10

50% milk half-eggs sandwiched with 40% milk with praline. On any other day, we’d have our own chocolate spread for breakfast: at 50% hazelnuts, it’s like praline on toast. At Easter, we take it a step further: now the bread is our mellow, deep 50% milk, too!

Marmalade on Toast Egg Sandwich – £10

Orange and caramel chocolate half-eggs sandwiched with crunchy 40% milk. When Seville gives us oranges, we make marmalade. Smooth caramel chocolate with the tang of orange and crispy éclat. Toasty crunch perfected with feuilletine and Guérande sea salt.

Perfect To Share

Happy Bunnies Collection Hamper (online exclusive) – £30

The Happy Bunnies Hamper brings together some of our favourite Hotel Chocolat characters and most crowd-pleasing recipes. Kids and grown-ups alike are sure to enjoy this collection of high-cacao treats, whether they like milk, caramel, or white chocolate best. Contains City Bunnies – Milk, Caramel Selector, Oranges & Lemons Selector, Soft-Boiled Egg – Milk, Elizapeck Tiddly Pot and Woolliam Tiddly Pot.

The Happy Easter Hamper – £40

The Easter Bunny thought of the whole family when he dropped off this hamper of chocolate eggs and rabbits. It’s the big day in a box! Contains Strawberries & Cream Puddles, Caramel City Bunny Selector, Happy Easter H-box, Sunny Side Up, Caramel City Bunnies.

Eggcellent Collection (online exclusive) – £50

A collection of luxury Easter treats you’ll love – however you like your eggs in the morning. Contains Egg on Toast Lick x 2, Sunny Side Up, Gianduja Ribbon Bag, Elizapeck Ribbon Bag, The Easter H-box and Soft-Boiled Egg – Milk.

The Utterly Cracking Collection – £60

Crack open our Easter hamper brimming with chocolate rabbits and eggs. More than enough to graze on throughout Easter and beyond. Contains Hard-Boiled Brownie Egg, Caramayo Sandwich, Milk City Bunnies, Dark City Bunnies, Sunny Side Up, Elizapeck Speckled Eggs, Salted Caramel Eggs Ribbon Bag.

All Things Easter Collection (online exclusive) – £70

A generous collection of springtime treats – all things Easter in one perfect gift. Contains City Bunnies – Milk, City Bunnies – Dark, Caramel Selector, Unbelievably Vegan Selector, Oranges & Lemons Selector, The Easter H-box, Chocolate Spread Sandwich, Hard-Boiled Salted Caramel.

The Ultimate Easter Collection – £100

The ultimate Easter chocolate collection packed inside our new wicker hamper, picnic ready for spring. Snap and share our Rocky Road to Caramel Extra-Thick Egg, flock to Wooliam our caramel chocolate Tiddly Pot, dip into Egg & Soldiers with truffle eggs and praline toast or try Sunny Side Up, our expressive, award-winning milk and caramel truffle selection, bouncing in our milk chocolate Big City Bunny. Ribbon-tied eggs aplenty with a hint of vanilla and. bunny’s basket full of treats to hide for the hunt. Easter chocolates for one and all in one keepsake basket. Contents: You Crack Me Up Extra-Thick Egg, Brownie Hard-Boiled Egg, Chocolate Spread Sandwich, Eggs & Soldiers, Easter H-box, Elizapeck Hollow with Tiddly Pot.

The Abundantly Easter Collection (online exclusive) – £150

Full of the joys of spring (and rather a generous amount of chocolate), our Abundantly Easter Hamper is your one-stop-shop for holiday goodies. Contains Extra Thick Rocky Road to Caramel, Extra Thick Patisserie, Soft-Boiled Egg – Milk, Soft Boiled Egg – Dark, City Bunnies – Milk, City Bunnies – Dark, Egg and Soldiers, Caramel Selector, Unbelievably Vegan Selector, Oranges & Lemons Selector, Elizapeck Speckled Eggs, Woolliam Hollow with Tiddly Pot, Elizapeck Hollow with Tiddly Pot.

The Velvetiser Easter Collection (online exclusive) – £150

The Velvetiser Easter Collection is ideal for anyone who just loves chocolate — eating it and drinking it. Contains 1 x Velvetiser, Everything Hot Chocolate Selection Sachet Box, Extra Thick Just Milk, A Dozen Quail Eggs, Eggs and Soldiers.

Edible Art

Elizapeck / Woolliam / Rabbert Hollow with Tiddly Pot – £6.50

Farmyard friends lifted straight from our chocolatiers’ imaginations. We never copy: our moulds are one-offs packed with character. A great alternative to a traditional Easter egg.

Big City Bunny Milk / Big City Bunny Dark – £8.50

Bright-eyed, bushy-tailed and dressed to impress, this Easter our bunny has swapped the burrow for the big city! Perfect when you don’t want just eggs in your basket this Easter.

Egg on My Face – £8.50

Bunny has an eye on lunch – but will you get the carrot first? Hop to it with intensely smooth white chocolate on our 40% milk chocolate Slab.

Pen Pals – £10

Our three farmyard friends, Woolliam, Elizapeck and Rabbert, cast in hollow white, caramel and 40% milk chocolate. Easter pals imagined by our chocolate sculptress. Why should everything Easter be egg-shaped?

City Bunnies Milk / City Bunnies White / City Bunnies Dark / City Bunnies Caramel / City Bunnies Unbelievably Vegan* – £6

16 dashing bunnies, dressed to impress in milk, dark, white and caramel. Jump at the chance! Their ears pricked up the moment we mentioned a trip to the big city, and now our dapper bunnies are bow-tied and ready to join the rabbit race.

Eggs and Soldiers – £10

Ready to dip into this Easter. Milk chocolate truffle tiddly eggs with a troop of hazelnut praline soldiers smartly turned out in white chocolate.

Lovely Little Things

A Dozen Quail Eggs – £10

12 chocolate eggs filled with caramel, praline and simple truffles. Crack your egg box open and share with the whole family! In compostable packaging. Includes Vanilla, Simple Dark, Illegal Gianduja, Salted Caramel Cream, Nuts About Raspberry and Salted Macadamia.

Gianduja Ribbon Bag – £6.50

The smoothest, deepest-tasting pralines we make with the finest hazelnuts in the world. Vegan-friendly. That authentic melt-in-your-mouth texture is super-smooth praline brimming with Piedmont nibbed hazelnuts.

Salted Caramel Ribbon Bag – £6.50

Caramel for grown-ups, lavished with cream and a dash of sea salt. We combine two facets of caramel here: edgy with Guérande sea salt harvested in Southern Brittany and chosen for its smooth melt, and gentle with whipped cream. The shell? It had to be our high-cocoa caramel.

Elizapeck Speckled Eggs – £6.50

Milk chocolate praline mini eggs in crispy shells. An Easter gift that will keep your chicks chirpy!

Bunny’s Basket – £8.50

15 solid milk chocolate bunnies and chicks, individually wrapped and placed in a basket ready for your Easter hunt!

Sunny Side Up – £8.50

These expressive chocolates include two award-winners: our milk truffle achieves the ‘just right’ balance of cocoa and cream, while caramel pairs perfectly with our roasted pecan praline. Whipped cream, Madagascan vanilla and our supersmooth hazelnut praline complete the smiling set. Winning Smile, Poker Face, Happy and All in a Tizzy – eight chocolate eggs with expression.

Egg on Toast Lick – £2

Our favourite fried slice cast as a 40% milk chocolate Easter lolly. We prefer our eggs sunny side up.

Tiddly Pot

These morsels may be mini, but they’re the perfect size for hungry little ones and packed with high-quality ingredients. Plus, as these chocolate drops come in a resealable pot, they’re great for office draws, kitchen cupboards, and on-the-go snacking.

Elizapeck Milk Tiddly Pot – £2

Although small in size, our drops are big in flavour. The 40% milk chocolate promises mellow, rich notes of chocolate. The packaging is adorned with a cartoon depiction of Elizapeck, making this product as adorable as it is tasty.

Woolliam Caramel Tiddly Pot – £2

These nibble-size chocolate drops will melt deliciously on your tongue, satisfying that craving for something sweet you’ve had since lunch. With 36% cocoa, these chocolate bites have a mellow, creamy flavour and a velvety-smooth texture.

Tiddly Pot Unbelievably Vegan – £2

A pot so heavenly is the ideal treat for vegans craving the mellow creaminess of milk chocolate, just without the milk… A pot of Unbelievably Vegan* dinky drops made from our 45% Nutmilk chocolate.


Caramel City Bunny Selector – £4.50

Fall in love with an irresistible malty but not-too-sweet flavour. With a silky smooth texture and melt-in-the-mouth creaminess, these bunnies know how to bring a dash of true opulence to Easter day. 40% milk chocolate means you’re left with notes of gorgeously mellow, creamy milk chocolate.

Hazelnut Praline Bunny Selector – £4.50

Made from our cacao-rich milk chocolate – an infamous Hotel Chocolat recipe – plus our irresistible hazelnut praline. We only use natural ingredients and the finest cacao in our creations, so you can be confident that you’re nibbling on the most luxurious chocolates this springtime.

Oranges & Lemons Bunny Selector – £4.50

Our Oranges & Lemons Bunny Selector is the idea springtime treat for those who like their chocolate with a fresh twist. These bustling City Bunnies are made from our luxuriously smooth white chocolate, with a dash of natural citrus to provide that perfectly balanced kick.

Dark Gianduja Bunny Selector – £4.50

Made from our silky smooth dark hazelnut praline that melts in the mouth like butter. Gianduja is made from the finest Piedmont hazelnuts, coveted for their delicate flavour. When combined with our 40% cacao chocolate, the result is a smooth and creamy praline. Our chocolatiers embarked on a mission to achieve the optimal hazelnut-to-chocolate ratio – and we do believe they’ve found it.

Unbelievably Vegan Bunny Selector – £4.50

Our fabulous City Bunnies like to keep themselves busy hopping around town, but they always have time for a little bit of Easter fun! Add a spring to your step this Easter season with our Unbelievably Vegan* Bunny Selector. Open this treat-size pack and fall in love with six chocolate bunnies – all vegan, all made from our innovative 45% Nutmilk.

Pistachio Bunny Selector – £4.50

An Academy of Chocolate award-winner, re-imagined for Easter. Embrace a healthy dose of self-indulgence this Easter and nibble away on these happy chappies. Gift them to a loved one as a sumptuous seasonal treat, use them to adorn your Easter cakes, or save them all for yourself.

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