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PrettyLittleThing’s First Virtual Model

Welcome to our world, this is the beginning of the PrettyLittleThing Metaverse, introducing the newest member to the PLT family and our very first virtual model. This is just the start of PrettyLittleThing’s journey into the metaverse. Our Virtual Girl will begin her career as a model on the PLT website, but she is constantly evolving and will show a range of emotions to truly react with the PLT customer. 

PrettyLittleThing Creative Director, Toni Hayden explained “we want to make our girl as relatable and real to our customers as possible. We will build her lifestyle based off our customers interests, likes and dislikes. A true ambassador for the brand. She will have ways about her that will be unique to only her and we look forward to developing her capabilities over the coming months allowing our customers to learn a lot more about her and what’s to come as we enter into the Metaverse.”

As a reactive brand we have always listened to our customer’s requests to provide them with innovative and progressive content. Our “virtual girl” bridges the gap between Metaverse and real life, where for the first time, our customers can discover PrettyLittleThing products showcased by the latest addition to our model and influencer family. As a social-led fashion brand, driven by our followers, we want to involve them in the creation of our newest model and the first step will be a competition to give her a name. The entrant whose proposed name is chosen will also win the chance to be turned into another virtual model featured on site. We are excited to see how our followers connect with PrettyLittleThing on this initiative and work with us to develop her journey at PLT.


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