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What are 10 good ideas for a birthday party?

Everyone loves a good party.  Whatever the occasion, whether it’s a birthday, anniversary or simply because you want to get your friends together to have a good time, there’s a whole range of different party ideas which spring to mind.  You might have your own already, or if you’re looking for some inspiration and creative ideas, why not take a look at the ideas below, one of which may well fit the bill for your upcoming party.

James Bond 007 themed party

With all the glitz and glamour of a black-tie and ballgown affair, a themed party such as a James Bond 007 or Great Gatsby 1920’s occasion is a firm favourite with many.  You can really go to town with dressing up your house or venue, and could even roll out the red carpet to make your guests feel super-special from the very start.  Don’t forget the tower of Champagne flutes into which you can pour the bubbly, and also the Martini glasses – after all, James Bond does like his Martini ‘shaken, not stirred’!

Wine tasting party

Did you think cheese & wine evenings were a thing of the past?  After all, that’s what we used to do in the 80’s, right?  Well, you’d be wrong, as these types of evenings are making a comeback.  Cheeses and wines from around the world are readily available today, so why not indulge your guests and let them sample different wines and foods that they may not have tried before.  Needless to say that the majority of wine will not just be tasted, but probably drank!

Throwback party

And talking of the 80’s, a throwback party is always a popular choice, whether it’s the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s or even the noughties!  Get some club classics on, do your research into the types of buffet foods that we used to eat, get your fancy dress clothes on, and watch the kids stare in amazement and bewilderment!

Murder mystery dinner party

If you want to go down the route of a more ‘formal’ dinner party where a few guests are seated according to a particular table plan, then a murder mystery dinner party is a fab idea.  There are plenty of kits that you can buy online which provide you with everything from the theme, plot, scripts, menu planner and much more.  That said, it’s always worth choosing your guests wisely for this type of event, as it’s not the #1 choice for everyone.  Those people that ARE into these types of parties, though, absolutely love them, and really go to town getting into character!

Pizza party

Everyone loves wood-fired pizzas, and it’s even better when you can make the bases from scratch, top them to your liking and then watch them cook in your own pizza oven.  This is a great idea for a kids party, as the kids can run wild in the garden, then make their own party food!  There is plenty of choice when it comes to buying a pizza oven online today – OK, so it’ll cost you in the first place, but think of the cost saving and enjoyment you’ll get out of it in the long run!

BBQ garden party

And talking of parties in the garden, if you’ve got a space big enough, then nothing beats a simple BBQ in the garden on a hot summer’s day. Are you a burger and sausage aficionado, or go a bit more adventurous with halloumi, vegetable skewers and steaks, for example?  Whatever you’re cooking, keep your fingers crossed for some good weather this summer!

Spa party

Are you one of the lucky ones who installed a hot tub in your garden during lockdown?  This was one of the boom areas of the COVID-lockdown period, when people had time to spend on DIY at home.  And, with holidays a non-starter, a lot of people decided to invest in a hot tub – a bit of luxury and ray of light in a dark time.  If this is the case, then you can be sure that your friends will be delighted to come round and share a home-spa experience with you.  What a great party idea!

Bottomless brunch party

The bottomless brunch is a trend in many cafes and pubs at the moment, with the idea being that you can sip an unlimited amount of prosecco whilst enjoying a brunch with friends.  Why not bring this concept to your home, and invite your friends to your own version of this?

Mix-your-own cocktail party with mobile party bar hire

We all like to think that we can throw bottles around and become bartender-of-the year, and everyone loves a cocktail, so let’s combine the two and have a cocktail themed party!  Having this party at home is sure to be great fun, and will also be cheaper than having it in a venue. If you wanted to push the boat out even further, you could check out mobile cocktail bar hire near you. Let’s see what weird and wonderful cocktails your guests can come up with – you never know, you might discover a new global best-seller!

Outdoor movie night party

If you’ve got friendly neighbours, and they don’t mind a bit of noise into the evening, then why not hold an outdoor movie night party.  The obvious film choice would be ‘Grease’, but whatever takes your fancy.  Keep your audience in mind – is it adults, families, kids or a mix of all?  Obviously you’ll need a projector of some kind along with a screen, but you’ll also be amazed at how good a white sheet against the side of your house is!

Hopefully, these birthday party ideas will have provided you with some inspiration to hold the best party ever! 


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