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What is the ideal time for starting a Mains answer writing practice for a Complete fresher in a UPSC preparation?

Now is never late but waiting for the right time is too late

Write for 30 minutes each day starting Day 1. This is not the time for answering questions in the UPSC style. You should dedicate this half-hour to writing about anything. As long as you practice proper language and write every day, it will be a great habit. Take a look at the editorials of The Hindu and try to write in a similar style. While you won’t be able match their high standards, keep them as a guide.

EDEN IAS is there to make you perfect in answer writing if you are a newbie to the Upsc Answer Writing  .

You can dedicate more than two hours each day to writing practice after Prelims. Do not get too anxious about the scores. Instead, invest your energy and time into learning how to better manage your time. In the first few days you will struggle to answer.  You should also follow the advice of the evaluators, from one test to another.

Answer writing for mains checklist:

1. Get Started!

First, don’t wait to finish the UPSC exam syllabus before you start answering questions. It is important to start the exam simultaneously and cover all of the syllabus. You will improve your skills the more you practice. The key to success in the UPSC exam depends not on how much information you have, but how much and what you write in your answer booklet.

2 Take into account both quantity and quality

Think again if you think that just filling out the required word count will impress an examiner. UPSC evaluates your ability to communicate that knowledge effectively and your knowledge. You must not only adhere to the word limit but also write the question. Only by studying past year papers from UPSC can you understand the nuance of the questions.

3. Evaluate

It’s not enough to just write answers and prepare for UPSC. Teachers, mentors, and seniors should evaluate your answers. Only then can you identify your weaknesses and make improvements. EDEN IAS has experienced mentors that can give you feedback on your performance and offer a thorough review of your answers.

4. Write holistic Answer

You should write holistic answers when you practice answer-writing. Answers should be concise, clear, with examples and relevant concepts. They should also be creative and not vague or jumbled. You need dynamic answers to dynamic questions. To improve your vocabulary and writing style, read newspapers frequently. Writing well requires that you have a good habit of reading.

5. GS papers

Avoid jargon in the GS papers as your answers should be broad and multifaceted. You must use a broad approach to your answers. You can, however, go deeper and use technical terms in the optional subject papers. The examiner in this instance is a specialist. When you practice writing answers, remember the differences between writing answers for GS papers and optional papers. Prepare for both.

How to evaluate the UPSC Mains answer sheet and find the scope of improvement?

Answer questions from previous years and create answers. These answers can be compared with model answers or solved papers that are available on many websites.

There are many coaching institutes which do provide answer writing programme. EDEN IAS is providing one of the best Programme. This institute have two kind of answer writing programme.

  • One for Beginner: SUGAM
  • One for Advance: STEPS

Don’t read model answers, without attempting the question. After getting evaluated compare your answers.

  • While you are writing, you should check if your answers meet the UPSC requirements. This is what you should expect:
  • UPSC notification states that the main Examination is designed to evaluate the intellectual abilities and depth of understanding of candidates, rather than just their knowledge. This should be reflected in your answers.
  • A candidate’s handwriting that is difficult to read will result in a deducting of the total marks he has earned. While legibility is essential, handwriting does not have to be perfect. However, the person who is correcting it should be able read it.
  • For superficial knowledge, marks will not be awarded.
  • Credit will be granted for correct, orderly and effective expressions in all areas of the exam. Answers should contain a minimum of two words and include a structure.

What exactly should one wear for a upsc mock interview ?

  • Wear clean cloths. The clothes you wear must be clean and ironed. They should be free of marks.
  • Don’t wear tight or loose clothes. Be stylish by choosing the right size.
  • Women should wear formal Indian attire for attending the UPSC interview. If you’re uncomfortable wearing a sari dress then a salwar dress would be a good alternative. Make sure that the outfit you choose to wear is light and more subtle colour. It must be cotton.
  • Dress simple and elegant clothes
  • The use of minimal or no makeup is sufficient. Maintain a professional look.
  • Avoid high-heeled shoes unless you feel comfortable wearing them and they should not make a lot of noise.
  • Hair should be tied neatly.
  • Men should wear light-coloured formal shirts and dark pants. A tie is acceptable when you feel at ease. Put on your shirt and stay clear of floral or printed ones.
  • Put on formal shoes that are polished and formal. Wear dark socks.
  • Men should have shorter hair. This is a matter for your personal preference but it could not reflect a professional image with long hair.
  • Do not wear chappals, sneakers or flip-flops.
  • You can also wear an elegant watch.
  • Use a handkerchief to remove sweat.
  • Avoid flashy and expensive jewellery.
  • Do not wear party attire or casual clothes like T-shirts and jeans.
  • Avoid perfumes that are intense. Be careful not to create an odour in your body.

You could join EDEN IAS Mock Interview for other and better tips, as everyone needs a guide in the journey.

Happy Writing …. 😊😊


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