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Students Greenpower Kit Car Unveiled at Coventry Transport Museum

A sustainable electric kit car built by motorsport students from North Warwickshire and South Leicestershire College (NWSLC) has been put on display at the Coventry Transport Museum. The vehicle, which is due to be entered into the Greenpower Trust race series, is part of the museum’s Women in Motorsport temporary exhibition which showcases the contribution and achievements of women in all aspects of the sport.

The Greenpower Education Trust is a UK charity that promotes engagement with science, technology, engineering, and maths amongst young people, challenging them to design, build and race an electric car. The Trust works with over 700 teams and around 10,000 students and holds more than 35 regional events and an international final every year.

Steve Cassisi, Lecturer in Motorsport at NWSLC said, “Students are really enjoying working on the Greenpower car. Motorsport students are building it, and those studying body and paint as well as classic vehicle restoration will use the skills learned on their courses to help with the design, manufacture of the bodywork and the paint finish.

“It is particularly appropriate that the car is on display as part of this exhibition dedicated to women’s contribution to motorsport because we are seeing an increasing interest from female students and applicants to our courses in this high-profile and exciting area. This type of activity helps to address several issues that the college is keen to promote, including sustainability, interest in STEM subjects and encouraging women to think about careers in engineering.

“During our visit to the museum, students enjoyed a behind the scenes tour of the restoration and conservation workshops at the museum. The tour was led by technician and curatorial manager, Elisabeth Chard-Cooper, who explained the processes the museum uses for restoration, conservation, and documentation of the vehicles on display, as well as showing students some of the current work in progress.”

The Women in Motorsport exhibition runs until 31 May at the Coventry Transport Museum. For more details on motorsport courses at NWSLC, visit the website and get in touch on [email protected]


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