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Expanded Fractional Team and Solutions for C-Suite Positions Unveiled by Exec Capital

Exec Capital is expanding its fractional workforce to include bespoke recruitment solutions for a broad spectrum of executive roles. Following the firm’s introduction of fractional CEO roles in 2023, designed to bring premier professionals within reach of start-ups and SMEs, the programme now extends to cover additional C-suite positions such as CMOs and CFOs.

Exec Capital stands as a leader in the executive recruitment field, catering to the growing preference for flexible employment options among both candidates and employers.

The company offers a customised recruitment service, providing a wide range of solutions from executive scouting to niche role headhunting. These services allow for the recruitment of C-suite executives on a flexible, fractional basis, from one to four days a week, on either short or lengthy contracts. This model is particularly suitable for companies in the midst of rapid growth or those seeking a cost-effective method to enlarge their executive team.

Research indicates a 20% surge in the employment of fractional executives from 2022 to 2023, a trend that is likely to persist. The shift towards part-time and fractional roles is helping executives to strike a healthier work-life balance. Fractional hiring enables firms to secure industry-leading talent without the risk of executive fatigue.

Fractional executives are available without the need for long-term obligations, allowing companies to assess candidates before making a permanent hire. Various sectors are increasingly embracing fractional hiring as a more affordable means of attracting skilled talent. This strategy can be employed to address skill shortages or to substitute for employees on leave.

Fractional recruitment for C-suite roles is particularly beneficial for those changing industries, enabling individuals from diverse backgrounds to gain experience in specialised roles. Exec Capital has witnessed a rise in professionals transitioning between sectors and areas of expertise.

The notion of the ‘fractional executive’ appeals not only to those advancing their careers but also to seasoned professionals in the latter stages of their career who desire more flexibility and new challenges. Exec Capital’s fractional team comprises specialists with experience in specific industries, from logistics experts to investment professionals.

Learn more about Exec Capital and its executive leadership at www.execcapital.co.uk.


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