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Buying Guide: Shipping Boxes and Packing Materials for All Your Packages

The choice of food packaging is an important issue when working in the restaurant industry. Its role is to preserve the food, but also to facilitate its transport by yourself and your customers. It must also help keep the heat or freshness of the dishes as long as possible. So how do you choose the right packaging? In this article, Chromate guides you through your selection.

Think practicality first:

The main purpose of packaging is to separate food from the external environment. It protects them from possible contamination. But with the increase in take-away sales and the recently regulated doggy bag practice, it also has the role of facilitating the transport of meals by the consumer.

Food packaging: an invaluable marketing tool

No, you are not mistaken: the packaging used by your shop is a real means of communication! Therefore, it is important to select containers that showcase your products. The goal ? Awaken the appetite of your customers by making their mouths water. For pastries or dishes that take up space, window boxes or trays are perfect for showing off your creations without risking damage. For less substantial drinks or desserts, goblets and transparent terrines are preferred.

Finally, beyond bringing out the delicacy or finesse of your dishes, the packaging is also one of the main vectors of your image. Opt for customizable containers to make an impression and obtain marketing materials at a low price.

Vary packaging sizes

As you probably know, waste is the bane of the restaurant world. And this principle also applies when it comes to the use of packaging. In addition to saving money, choosing the right packaging size is a practical and ecological way to act on a daily basis.

Each product must therefore find a shoe that fits and not use more material than necessary when it is packaged. You can in fact adapt your choice according to the different formats of your dishes. Regarding doggy bags, Chalmette advises you to check the average quantities left by your customers in order to select the right Kraft bags for transport.

In conclusion, the choice of packaging can allow you to save money and have additional communication supports. But it is also a way to act in an ecological way, by selecting the materials and the sizes of the containers in a responsible way.

The number of online purchases has exploded, so much so that delivery people are often no longer able to meet deadlines. Furthermore, these online purchases must not only reach their destination quickly, but also safely and without damage. And to meet these demands, using the right shipping boxes and packing tape is essential. This buying guide will help you choose the boxes, envelopes and post boxes for all your packages. There are indeed many kinds and sizes of shipping boxes. There are therefore a range of factors to consider when buying and using shipping boxes.

The optimal packaging for your product

Three main criteria should determine your choice of shipping material:

The type of product you want to send: are they flat or rolled objects or documents? Do you want to send electronic material by post or very large objects?

The fragility of your product: special care must of course be taken with products that are fragile or sensitive to stains and scratches.

The budget: some packaging materials are particularly advantageous, in particular single flute or double flute cardboard boxes.

Now that you know these main points of attention, you may want to discover the options…

Various kinds of packing material

Shipping boxes may come to mind when you want to send packages. Despite their enormous popularity, there are plenty of other possibilities you can consider. Indeed, you are definitely not going to want to send a USB drive in a big box.


To send documents, such as brochures, catalogs, folders and books, you basically have three options. You can choose shipping boxes that offer maximum protection, are easy to fold and perfectly adapted to your product thanks to their varied dimensions. There are, for example, flat (so-called book-size) shipping boxes. We detail below the different types of shipping boxes. In addition, cardboard envelopes or sleeves are ideal for sending flat documents, such as a thin brochure or catalog. Reinforced variants are better suited for standard shipments.


Rolled documents belong to a separate category. It is preferable to send posters, drawings and photos in a classic cylindrical tube with a plastic tip closure. A cylindrical tube is a cheap solution. Trapeze cylindrical tubes have the advantage of not incurring additional shipping costs. They close with an adhesive tape.


Do you want to send cd-roms, cds, dvds, cassettes, UBS keys or other multimedia products? Or small objects? Then opt for padded pockets or bubble envelopes. A cardboard shipping box offers the advantage of protecting the product in a particularly rigid (and therefore safe) packaging, while shipping boxes with a foam interior ensure the same level of security thanks to their protective layer.


Finally, cardboard boxes are the smartest solution for shipping bulky items such as massive gifts, industrial products, bottles, electronic devices, etc. A shipping box is ultra resistant and will ensure the protection of your product. The range of boxes offers several levels of resistance. Moving boxes consist, for example, of single-fluted, double-fluted or triple-fluted cardboard. These options are also offered on regular cardboard boxes.

Buy shipping boxes … and seal them with tape

Shipping boxes offer maximum protection and are available in several sizes. On our webshop you have the possibility to quickly define the diameter, the width and the height of your box thanks to simple cursors. You can also specify the maximum load. If you want to guarantee a maximum level of security, boxes with protective materials, in particular a foam interior as mentioned above, can be wise.

Whichever product you choose, a good closure is obviously necessary. So ensure the protection of your shipment with a strong sealing tape. Putting a heavy load in a strong box and closing it with poor quality adhesive always involves the risk of the adhesive peeling off and the product being damaged. Conversely, a strong adhesive will turn a lightweight box into a safer packaging material.

Ship ergonomic packages

Do you finally want to send your parcels in an ergonomic, comfortable and efficient way? Then opt for a packing table, preferably adjustable in height. Discover the main features on our blog!

Mantua helps you ship your parcels safely

This buying guide helps you navigate the shipping box buying process. You will find our complete range of boxes, envelopes and post boxes on our web shop. You will also find on our blog the inspiration for a warehouse layout, among other things, to pack all your parcels in a safe and ergonomic environment. Questions? Do not hesitate to contact our In some departments, the packaging may constitute a criterion for the choice of the product in view of the diversity of the offer. So prefer soap with a paper packaging rather than a shower gel in a plastic shell, or even product refills (soap, washing powder, detergents, etc.) to be poured into a dispenser bottle. Barring exceptions drink tap water rather than bottled water. Water sold in bottles generates 10 to 20 million m3 of waste per year.


At the time of purchase, choose the simplest packaging where a single layer is enough to protect the product. Avoid products that have double or even triple packaging such as these cookies placed in a plastic tray covered with plastic film, all slipped into a cardboard box


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