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Extended Warranties Are Awesome and Here Is Why You Need One

You just got your favorite car from a reputed dealer and now you are up for different plans including taking it on longer rides with alone, family or friends and it is totally fine. But if you think that now your struggle of buying the vehicle is over then think again. You may have done your homework, found a reputed dealer, vehicle specifications, and jumped to the conclusion to find the right vehicle but did you search for the extended warranties.

Yes, you heard it right. Not all of us think about it for once when they buy a new vehicle because we often think that they come with a factory warranty so it is fine to stick to it. While manufacturer warranty isn’t a bad choice it is the short duration that makes it inferior compared to the extended car warranty because the duration and the coverage option with the extended car warranty plans are way superior and the overall cost is also lower but these aren’t the only reasons that one should opt for the extended car warranty, there is more to know in this regard.

Why Extended Car Warranty Plan Is A Good Idea!

For several reasons, going for extended warranties is a great idea, and here are some.

The advantage for Long Mileage Vehicles

Just like us, the car components come with a limited lifespan as well and the more miles they have to drive through, the more they are prone to wear and tear and they will need major repair depending on their breakdown. Most of the car owners who drive extra mileage have to face such breakdown and depending on the vehicle you own, they can be expansive and by expansive means seriously expansive for minor looking breakdown.

However, with the extended Car Warranties plan in place or auto protection plan on your side, you can simply have peace of mind without a doubt. Not only just that, if you are stranded on the roadside after the breakdown then your warranty provider will help you to connect to the towing company as well to take your vehicle to the nearest local certified car repair service. Your vehicle repair bills will be covered under your extended Car Warranties and you may even be provided with a rented vehicle if it will be a time-consuming repair. If you are worried about your high-mileage used vehicle then such extended warranty plans can help you have the required peace of mind.

Customize the Warranty to Your Needs

Usually, the factory warranties are created with the cookie-cutter approach which means one rule for every car owner despite having different requirements, vehicle types, and driving requirements. However, the right extended warranty provider such as Chaiz will let you customize your warranty plan that will fit your requirements. You can tailor your coverage. With their expertise and knowledge, you will be assured that the plan they are offering coverage the components that you may need under your budget. 

Reduce the Cost of Ownership

When you own a vehicle it may look and sound cool but the fact is the cost of owning the vehicle isn’t cheap so it is important to save money as much as it is possible as you can. With the help of an extended warranty plan, you can save huge on costly repairs. Though the protection program comes with the upfront costs or premiums you will be paid for the large repair bills for the breakdowns that may happen during the coverage period. You will never have to worry about the maintenance bills.

The Further Benefits

Though you can think of reducing the cost of expensive repair bills and maintenance charges with the extended car warranty what you don’t know is the fact that you can get further benefits if getting roadside assistance or getting movie ticket vouchers.

At premium platforms, when you get a new auto protection policy it will offer you a full year of benefits and bonus perks such as key replacement service with up to two replacements or repairs for the year or motel charges when you are stranded in the middle of the road in case your car has been broken.

Enhance the Best Resale Value

This is perhaps one of the major benefits for those who don’t want to keep their vehicle for more than one or two years. The thing is when your car is under the extended car warranty then you will never have to worry about paying extra for maintenance and this also means your car will be better maintained than ever and when it will be time to sell or upgrade the potential buyer will be fascinated with the fact that how well this car is maintained and it can get you the price you expect or extended car warranty plans can get you even more.

Crucial Investment for Every Vehicle Owner

Peace of mind is something that can never be priced and when you are an owner and own some luxury vehicles from even luxury brands such as Lexus or Audi then even older cars from such brands come with the hefty cost of repair if happen anything to them extended Vehicle service contracts can save you huge on the heavy repair bills that can be seriously costly if your car ever broke down. Most of the extended powertrain coverage and warranty come with 24/7 substitute transportation and the cost of trip interruption. The added benefits will be included in your warranty plan when you will sign the contract.

Bottom Line

Though powertrain coverage comes with huge benefits you should always look for reputed service providers that can offer you the most within your budget and they should also include the added benefits. You should check your contract, especially the parts that are covered within the service plan you are going for.


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